6 Different Pairings For Your Next Makeover

 Creating a beautiful space within your home takes creativity. Sometimes, your creative juices seem to run out! Why not consider making use of pairings? Whether you’re searching for the perfect pairings as a couple or simply to spice things up in your home, this article will give you some ideas! 

Pairing #1: Greenery and Vases 

Add a touch of joy and serenity with plants! Indoor plants that don't require much maintenance such as snake plants, peace lilies or philodendrons would be ideal. These are also known to offer various benefits including reducing anxiety levels and boosting productivity. 

Using the right vases make all the difference too. Instead of just the normal pots for your plants, decorate with aesthetic vases. 

Pairing #2: Soft Textures and Neutral Colors

The combination of both soft textures and neutral colors offers an aesthetic visual appeal. Neutrals are not light colors, but rather the shades. For instance, there are dark neutrals such as dark grays or black. There are light neutrals such as beiges, taupes or creams. 

As for soft textures, ideally to create a calming sanctuary, you should go for velvet, cotton, fleece or flannel. When combined, it’ll be a great place to rest and restore your mental health levels.  

Pairing #3: Console Tables and Sofas

In your living room, without a doubt a console table would be a perfect addition to one’s home. Console tables are made up of functional and stylish designs, hence, it can be a great decoration piece as well. On top of that, getting the perfect sofas that match your console table would be ideal. Place your TV on your console table and 

Pairing #4: Mirrors and Frames

It’s a given - having a mirror in the living room is a must-have as it’ll create an illusion of a bigger space alongside making it brighter. A big mirror would be better as it’ll create a bigger space. What goes well with a mirror placed on the walls? Picture frames! It can be anything - inspirational quotes or simply pictures of your family members and loved ones. 

Pairing #5: Recliners and Bookshelves 

If you’re looking to create a reading corner, the combination of recliners and bookshelves would be ideal. Recliners these days are stylish and comfortable, making it suitable enough to sit on for long hours. Of course, you’ll need a timeless bookshelf which matches your recliner. 

Pairing #6: Bright Sofas and Dark Walls

Sometimes you don’t have to decorate your home with the same shades. The perfect pairing can also be opposites! The combination of dark coloured walls and bright sofas offers a contemporary look.  You can consider some of our sectional sofas or loveseats to match with your dark walls. 

Decorate your home with the perfect pairings from Ashley! 

Hopefully you get some ideas on how to decorate your home with these pairings! Most of these pairings would suit any interior style such as contemporary or minimalistic. You can consider some of our furniture - you’ll be sure to find something that suits your taste alongside achieving the perfect pairs.