8 Bedroom Decorating Ideas For A New Look

Are you on a hunt for new ideas on how to decorate your bedroom? We know how tiring it can be trying to figure out how to decorate your bedroom the way you want it! Here are some cool ideas on how you can spice things up to get the bedroom you desire: 

  1. Layering rugs 

If your room hs any type of hard flooring material, you should definitely consider layering several rugs on top of each other. One of the ways you can place one large rug underneath your bedframe. 

At the side of your bed where you get down from, you can place a fluffy small rug. Don’t overdo the layering though, keep it max up to 3 different rugs on top of each other. 

  1. Use light or muted colours 

Light colours are best for large furniture such as wardrobes. Basically, anything that stands out in a room and creates a great impact upon first sight. We highly recommend bedroom drawers to be in light shades. Some of them include pastel colours. 

  1. A bed with a beautiful headboard 

The bed’s headboard does make a difference in creating the overall tone and atmosphere in your bedroom. Afterall, it’s also the largest furniture - it’ll be the first thing you’ll see when entering the door. 

You can check out some of our beds to find a stunning headboard that suits your interest. 

  1. Group abstract art together 

If you have the budget, you can consider hanging handpainted art in your bedroom. Otherwise, a simple printing out wall art or canvas painting would do the trick. Ideally, you should hang it above your bed, right on top of the headboard. The best placement would be to make sure the art is about eye-level. 

  1. An oversized mirror 

These days, leaning a large mirror on the wall is in trend. Yes, even if you have a mirror in your toilet, sometimes we need a full-length mirror so that we are able to check our outfit before going out! Besides, the mirror reflects light too, making your room feel brighter and bigger (eventhough it’s small!). 

  1. Add a touch of greenery 

You can never say no to nature! Elevate your bedroom and place any of your favourite indoor plants. Not only will it make your bedroom look minimalistic, it’ll also boost your mental health at the same time. After a long tiring day, the plants will give you a sense of calmness. 

  1. Get more storage 

Other than offering storage, furniture such as nightstands or mirror dressers with drawers are great as decoration too. Consider the ones that are of pastel colours as it’s in trend these days, especially vibrant ones such as forest green or ocean-blue. 

  1. Brighten up your room 

You wouldn’t want to be in a dark room! You can play around and instead of getting the standard lighting, consider unique lamps with various shapes. Try getting the ones that allows you to control the lighting levels. 

Decorate your bedroom with Ashley Furniture! 

We hope these tips gave you a clear vision on decorating your bedroom! And if you need some new furniture, check out our bedroom collection! We have everything you’re looking for - be it a bed, nightstands, or mirrored dressers.