Sofa Design Malaysia: How To Choose Which Sofa To buy

1. Identify how big is your space 

Before buying a sofa, the first thing you should do is measure how much space you have. You wouldn’t want to buy a sofa only to find out at the end it can’t fit well in your home. Aside from that, you need to consider where you’ll position your sofa as well. That way, it’ll be much easier to measure the area without making it too congested. 

You should also measure the width, height and diagonal opening of the doors in your home to make it easier to bring the sofa inside. 

2. Know the type of sofa materials 

Sofa Frames

There are a wide variety of sofa frame materials in the market. The common ones are hard wood, particle board, metal and kiln dried hardwood. 

The most long-lasting frame material would be a wooden frame, which is the kiln dried hardwood. Avoid buying the sofas which are pieced together with glue or staples. Instead, look for the sofa designs that are held together by nails. 

Sofa Cushions

Other than the sofa frame, you should consider the type of cushions as well. Some common sofa cushions would be as below: 

  • Foam: This type of cushion offers the best support in terms of firmness. It won’t sink down as it will return to its original shape quickly after getting up. 
  • Fiber: This type of cushion offers more comfort and is filled with air, providing a soft structured look. 
  • Feather: This type of cushion will sink in once you sit down. It offers a soft, luxurious feeling, similar to fiber. 

Sofa Fabric

Though there are a few types of sofa fabrics, here are some common ones available in the market: 

  • Leather: Those who are looking for a more durable fabric, leather would be the best choice and is easy to clean.  
  • Linen: If you’re more into the aesthetics, then linen fabric would suit you best. However, it does require regular maintenance. 
  • Velvet: Velvet fabric is usually made out of silk and various other materials which offer a shiny, smooth or delicate feeling. 
  • Natural Fibers: Natural fibers are usually either silk or cotton, with the latter being the more popular option as it’s durable. 
  • Synthetics: For those who are looking for affordable sofa fabric, synthetics, which are usually made with microfiber, faux leather, to name a few, will have a lower price tag. 
  • Wool Blend: Do you frequently have stains on your sofas? Then wool blends would be easier to clean but it does require regular maintenance as well. 

3. Get to know the sofa design in Malaysia (or style)

When it comes to sofa design Malaysia, there are quite a few different types of sofas. Depending on your own preference, you should choose the ones that’s most attractive to you. For example, do you prefer leather sofas or reclining sofas?  

Get to know the available options such as a modern or traditional type of looks so that you can match it well with your overall room interior. 

4. Purchase from the right furniture store 

Now that you know how to buy the right sofa, you are ready to purchase your dream sofa from a furniture store! Some of the things you should take note of is the refund and exchange policy if you're not planning on trying it out in their physical stores. 

Besides that, you should also find out about the delivery and assembly whether you'll need to do it yourself or get the company to do it for you.