Top 5 Home Decor Mistakes To Avoid & How To Fix Them

Top Home Decor Mistakes & How To Fix Them

1. Too much clutter 

Let’s be honest - some of us are simply too tired to neatly organise all of our items. Most of the time, we leave things all over the place which causes our home to look messy and filled with clutter. 

How To Fix: Be sure to have enough storage so that you can keep your items neatly inside instead of leaving them on display everywhere. Consider  getting a cable organiser so that you can neatly place all your electrical wiring inside. 

2. Matching every furniture and decoration 

Though we understand that if you love a specific colour, you would want to buy and decorate everything with the same colour. However, that would be one of the major home decor mistakes because it would be a sore to the eyes! 

How To Fix: You can select a colour scheme instead of one specific colour. A colour scheme adds more diversity and more of a personal touch. The overall colours will blend in smoothly to create a comfortable, attractive sight. 

3. Wall decorations are not properly placed 

You may think that hanging wall decorations are simply just placing it up and then you’re good to go. But actually, that’s one of the common home decor mistakes because the positioning of the wall decorations plays a part in your overall home interior. 

How To Fix: You can simply rearrange the wall decoration such as the wall art to make it around the eye-level. In other words, you should be able to see the wall decorations when you are standing. 

4. Placing all the furniture against the walls 

Not only will they potentially scratch the walls, but it can also look quite congested. It’s a common home decor mistake because we usually think that placing all the furniture against the walls creates more space around. However, aesthetically, it will not look like a comfortable home. 

How To Fix: Simply place the furniture around the room, even if it’s in the middle where people have to walk around it. Sometimes a little obstacle is fine too. This creates a nice flow around the space. 

5. Your curtains are too low 

One of the common home decor mistakes When it comes to curtains, most people don’t really know how to decorate it well. It’s not a matter of just picking a curtain that seems to be suitable. The height of the curtains varies, so you might not be able to know whether it’s too long or too short.  

How To Fix: You should definitely measure your ceiling or wall so that you get the right fit. Generally, a good design would be to hang it high to create an illusion that your window is wider. This also helps to bring in more natural sunlight to your room. 

In need of new furniture? 

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