Ashley Manufacturing


Department Information

Residential Bedding, Case Goods, and Upholstered furniture

comprise the three major manufacturing divisions at Ashley Furniture Industries that support our customer’s needs.

Regionally located to save the customer time and money we have US manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin, Mississippi, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, as well as international manufacturing locations abroad

Using state-of-the art equipment (often designed and built in-house), proprietary and patented assembly methods, streamlined systems and strict quality control processes, these facilities produce more than 7000 product SKUs in over 22 product categories annually. Within the US facilities there is an output of over 50,000 units per day or more than 250,000 units per week.

  • Lean Manufacturing processes
  • Modern, state-of-the-art super plants worldwide
  • Industry-leading, high-speed automated equipment and manufacturing systems
  • Over 300 acres under roof of manufacturing and distribution capacity worldwide
  • World’s largest upholstery plant in Ecru, Mississippi
  • Partnered with best-in-class suppliers
  • World’s most innovative production equipment for consistent product quality and value
  • Global manufacturing systems and processes improve quality, reduce cost and increase throughput to promote retail profitability and growth
  • Low cost manufacturing promotes customer pricing and quality advantages
  • Over 450 diversified assembly lines are capable of quick changeovers
  • Worldwide product testing and quality control laboratories
  • Committed, disciplined and talented team focused on continuous improvement