3 Interesting Ways To Style Your Bedroom

Sometimes staying in the same bedroom environment can get a little boring. Whether you are looking to change things up in your bedroom or just moved into a new place and need some ideas, below are some fun ways to style with our Realyn Upholstered Panel bed

Style #1: Farmhouse Cottage 

The classic farmhouse cottage gives off a warm and comforting feeling to any space. Here’s some ideas on how to incorporate this style: 

Select the right elements 

The key to creating this style is to implement wood furniture all around. The Realyn upholstered panel bed already consists of various wood materials. Get some wooden chest drawers to give off that rustic edge. 

Natural-fibre rugs or woven details 

Consider adding coffee tables or lamps made out of rattan in your bedroom. Add some rugs made out of natural-fibre where you can place your woven furniture or accessories. 

Wooden flooring 

If you can afford, consider replacing your flooring with wooden ones as it makes the perfect finishing touch to the farmhouse cottage style. 

Style #2: Vintage galore 

Create a vintage style bedroom with these interesting ideas below! Vintage is classy yet offers a fresh and clean look.  

Neutral, muted tones 

As the Realyn bed already comes in a neutral tone, you’d want to match with other neutral tone colours such as eggshell white, light beige and other shades of grey. 

Add in throw pillows and blankets 

These would be a great addition to your overall vintage look. Besides that, the throw pillows with pom-pom tassels makes the overall interior even more attractive! 

Go for vintage floral fabric 

Get curtains or pillow covers which consist of vintage florals. You can also consider adding some fringe or trimming to the curtains or pillows.  

Style #3: Beach & Coastal decor 

The beach and coastal decoration brings a comfortable and cosy atmosphere to one’s bedroom. It’s like living on a beach right at the comfort of your own bedroom! 

Printed wallpapers 

Printed wallpapers such as floral designs or beach patterns would be a great choice. You can also opt for basic, simple stripes. These printed wallpapers should consist of pastel, neutral colours as well such as baby blue and grey. 

Hang paintings on the walls 

You can never go wrong with picture frames or paintings! Have some pictures of the beach or simply things that represent the beach such as seashells. Be sure to also choose paintings or pictures consisting of neutral tones. 

Choose breathable pillows & blankets 

Go for the ones made out of breathable cotton or lines which are lightweight. These would complement the overall beach and coastal concept, making it comfortable while pleasing to the eyes. 

Have fun styling with our Realyn bed today! 

Now that you have a rough idea on how to style your bedroom, we hope you have fun styling it! We offer both king and queen size options, and even bedroom sets for both the king and queen. Get it delivered to your doorsteps and be on your way to create the style you want!