5 Home Decoration Malaysia Ideas

If you’ve always been creative at heart, you might love the fact that you are able to decorate your home into your desired vision! If you are looking for some home decoration Malaysia inspiration, you can check out some of these recommendations to get started!

5 Home Decoration Malaysia Ideas

  1. Try implementing more mirrors 

You’ll be surprised at how adding mirrors to your home decoration could do wonders to your overall interior! Mirrors not only help to make the room brighter, but also gives off an illusion that the room is much bigger than it actually is. 

You could either hang a mirror on the walls or simply purchase a cupboard or cabinet that has a mirror at the front. Consider placing the mirror opposite of a window so that it brings natural sunlight into your room. 

Of course, we can’t deny how stylish mirrors indeed make a difference in terms of the visual appeal when it comes with unique, decorative frames. A good rule of thumb is to have at least one mirror in every room.

  1. Place rugs in your rooms 

What makes rugs a great home decoration? Well, if your room doesn’t have enough windows to allow natural sunlight to penetrate through, rugs would lighten up a dark room (but you’ll need to pick a light colour for the rug!). 

Did you also know rugs are able to absorb sound? Yup, so you won’t hear echoes or various conversations that’s going on around the house. As long as you pick a good thick rug, it will reduce noise - including footsteps. 

  1. Art is for everyone!

You can never go wrong with placing art around your home. When you pick the right piece with outstanding colours or patterns, it’ll certainly transform the room by making it more aesthetically pleasing.

If your room looks dull, you can brighten it up by picking a colourful artwork. Besides, you will feel a sense of calm and peace when admiring the artwork. 

One tip is to hang the artwork around eye level. If you’re hanging a few pictures up on the wall, then be sure to leave about up to 4 inches in between the frames. 

  1. Amp up your lighting 

Imagine coming up to a dark room every day? By adding various kinds of lighting around your home, it creates a warm ambiance. It also helps to create a focal point on something you want to put emphasis on. 

Plus, you will improve your eyesight overtime as you won’t be straining your eyes in the dark. Try considering the appropriate lighting that’s meant for reading or working so you won’t experience eye strains.

  1. Pick the right curtains

Curtains aren’t just to shield yourself from the sun! You should always select curtains that complement the overall look of your room. The fabric of your curtains matters too! When you choose a light fabric, it will allow the natural breeze to go through and enter your room, making it more cooling. 

If you want to make it look like your ceilings are high, you can hang the curtain panels a few inches above your windows. Basically, the higher you hang your curtains, the higher your ceilings would look. 

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