5 Ideas For Minimalistic Christmas Decorations

We can all agree that Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. Nothing beats the pleasure of adorning your home with Christmas decorations and gathering everyone you love under one roof. However, the decorating aspect might be overwhelming, especially for people who have always preferred a minimalist aesthetic. 

Don't worry, Ashley Furniture has you covered! Here are 5 ideas for minimalistic Christmas decorations, from cute little ornaments to beautiful wreaths for your front door!

  • Minimalist Textiles

  • Photo: Ashley Furniture

    Invest in colours that aren't as Christmas-y as classic red! Instead, use hues that are cosy and warm, such as beige or white, or literally any earth tones. Cover your sofas in adorable knitted blankets and textured pillows. Besides,adding bright colours and textures can also give you a winter atmosphere! The Mina Victory Cotton Knitted Indoor Throw Pillow is the perfect touch to give your home a Christmas feeling and to be a little extra, add the Ruched Fur Throw in white too!

  • Monochromatic Colour Palette


    Photo: Ashley Furniture Barbados

    Using a monochromatic palette, you can create a welcoming atmosphere. Opting for a single colour will help to open up your room while making it feel cheerful and airy. For example, the colour white, which simulates snow, gives your home a cosy winter feel. Plus, it doesn't limit you to only white; you can also use grey, beige, and other neutral colours to create a cosy Christmas atmosphere in your home!

  • Go for Branch Christmas Tree

  • Photo: Collective Gen

    Although the green, fluffy Christmas tree is a staple piece, the branch Christmas tree makes a great option too especially for those going for minimalistic. It not only adds more décor room to your home, but it also maintains the tone of your minimalist goals! You can still decorate it with your chosen ornaments. The best thing is that you don't have to spend money on a tree because you can make one yourself!

  • Frosted Wreath

  • Photo: Ashley Furniture

    Invest in a beautiful wreath, regardless of whether you'll hang it indoors or outside. A dusting of snow sparkles among the shiny silver finish of the ornaments, creating the illusion of a winter wonderland in your home. Furthermore, even though it has a hint of green and cranberry red, it will have a minimalist design once covered in snow. This is due to the fact that the white snow obscures the other colours, making it less bright and ideal for a minimalistic home!

  • Add some candles.

  • Photo: Festive Lights

    Candles are among the things you can use as a decoration without making your home look cluttered, something minimalists like! Seasonal candles are an excellent way to add atmosphere without adding clutter and especially during the Christmas season, candles with varied interesting scents can be found all over the market! You can place it on your dining table or bookshelf to enhance the mood of your Christmas home.

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    Decorating a minimalistic Christmas home is just as exciting as traditional Christmas decos! However, there is a slight advantage on the minimalistic side in that you can use it as your home decor for as long as you want, and it is not limited to only Christmas! 

    Remember to keep your home simple and to decorate it with pieces that have significance for you! With Ashley, you can make your minimalistic Christmas home come true.