5 Tips To Decorate Your Home With Plants

Plants for the home are extremely popular. For good reasons, they're inexpensive, gorgeous, and are capable of bringing the outdoors in. Plants are a wonderful way of adding life and energy to spaces. 

Nothing brightens up a room like greenery in full bloom, and the good influence plants have upon our health and wellness is well proven. Regardless of whether you want to brighten up your kitchen or bring tranquillity to the bedroom, here are a few tips to decorate your home with plants!

  • Dress up your shelves with plants

  • Plants are an absolute must among numerous interior designers and stylists especially when it involves decorating shelves. Plants, especially those that trail, will add gentleness and beauty to any shelf. 

    Succulents, on the other hand, possess a unique design and require minimal upkeep, which means they can be great for filling gaps when objects feel somewhat rigid. This lively exhibit gives the impression of an indoor jungle in this family's living area.

  • Fit your home aesthetics

  • Think about your home's aesthetic and colour palette. Certain plants have colourful flowers, whereas others have lovely leaves. Pick plants that match your existing furniture to bring visual interest to your living space. For instance, if you prefer the style of mid-century modern design, go for oversized plants and if you prefer a farmhouse aesthetic, opt for practical plants like herbs or aloe in antique metal planters or recycled pots.

  • Layering plants

  • Plant layering is a beautiful way to add colour and vibrancy to your living area. Layering plants together and altering their heights will add visual appeal. For added depth and complexity to your room, layer plants of various sizes, forms, and colours. To add layers of greenery, arrange them on the shelves, coffee tables like Ferlin Table (Set of 3), or you can even hang them from the ceiling.

  • Get the lighting in

  • Check the lighting for every space to assess how much natural light is available. Some plants flourish in bright sunlight, but some prefer conditions with little lighting. To guarantee healthy growth, choose plants that complement the natural light that exists in every room. You ought to consider displaying light-loving houseplants on the windowsill because it’s the perfect spot for your plants to get all the sunlight.

  • Go vertical

  • Utilise any of your existing shelf space or locate a place in your home for a tall narrow bookshelf to house your valuables, including the plants you own! The tall ones can thrive on the highest shelf, since they will not be constrained by a higher shelf, while vining plants are best kept on upper shelves and given the freedom to trail downwards. We recommend getting the Bernmore 63" Corner Shelf Bookcase since it will liven up the space once filled with plants!

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    You may enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home decor while setting a relaxing and welcoming ambiance now that you know the tips to decorate your home with plants. Ashley Furniture combined with a colourful splash of flora can transform your area into an oasis of natural beauty!