5 Tips To Mix Furniture & Décor Styles


It's simpler than you might imagine to mix furniture and decor styles. Mixing styles can be a lot of fun and will make your room feel more personalised, especially if you're sharing a place with someone who has an entirely different aesthetic than you. 

So, here are 5 tips on how to mix furniture and decor styles!

  • Keep Your Colour Palette Limited

  • Limiting the colour palette is the simplest approach to ensure that your area looks cohesive, even if it incorporates a diversity of styles. Make sure you're using colours from the same colour family and that the amount you're using is deliberate. Even in brightly coloured environments, it's crucial to keep the palette consistent and have places that soothe on your vision. It can rapidly go from colourful to hectic! 

  • Take Note of The Scale

  • Learning to play with the scale of objects is one of the most valuable lessons in interior design. Scale relates to the proportion and magnitude of objects in a space. When mixing decorating styles, ensure that you have a nice balance that goes into the room's balance and scale. You don't want one side of the space to feel historic while the other feels modern, so just try experimenting with whatever that works and stick with it!

  • Get Creative with The Furnitures

  • Choosing cool, creative furniture is the best approach to ensure you fall in love with your next home decor! Opt for unique decorations that speak to you and add some colour. Investing in things you adore will last a lifetime since you will love them so much that you will move them around from house to house! If you add things that you adore, you aren't going to overthink about mixing different styles as it will just come naturally! 

  • Determine The Feel

  • Once you've decided on the feeling you want to create in a room, make sure that all of the elements match.  For instance, no matter the style, formal pieces tend to complement other formal pieces, casual pieces complement casual pieces, and so forth.  The same holds true for extravagant and simple things. Thus, make sure that everything gets along with each other to give the decorated room a balanced feel.

  • Do Your Research

  • Even though mixing furniture and decor styles may seem simple, you still need to do your research. It's simple to put furniture together, but when you understand the origins of the pieces and their significance in design history, a space starts to look genuinely deliberately chosen. It's important to "blend" the space in as many ways as possible to achieve a smooth effect between the mixed decors! 

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    There are probably design standards all over the internet, but whenever it involves your own home and design, do whatever feels right for you and makes you happy. Life is too short to live in a house you don't love! Your heart will be so full once you've put it all together. 

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