6 Minimalistic Decor Ideas For Your Home

You can never go wrong with a minimalist home. Nowadays, minimalism is the go-to for making a home cosy, simple, but with its own beauty solely from the furniture and decor elements itself. As the saying goes, with the appropriate mindset, simplicity may still glow in décor.

Clean lines, simple decor, a monochromatic palette, and practical furnishings are common characteristics of minimalist design. Although it may not be everyone's preference, it provides your home a sense of individuality by displaying only the design pieces you adore.

  • Limit your colour palette.

  • When it comes to minimalist colours, imagine light neutrals like white, pastels, or a very faded grey. This is because these colours are fundamental to minimalist interiors. Although you can use bolder colours, limit it to one or two. With a limited colour palette, it will enhance your minimalist style decor even more!

  • Make use of accent decorations.

  • Photo: Ashley Furniture

    A minimalist home does not have to be lacking decorations or vivid colours. Instead, it is intended for you to use only accent components in your home without crowding it. For example, you can add an art piece that stands out on its own to a room like the Pancho Wall Art.

  • Have selective storage.

  • It is important to have selected storage, especially if you intend to apply minimalistic design to your home. Incorporating unusual storage concepts into your living room, such as built in storage or a wall-mounted one, provides for a more streamlined design. As a consequence, the area will feel uncluttered, allowing the essential features to stand out.

  • Experiment with different textures.

  • Photo: Ashley Furniture

    Many people feel that a minimalistic home is bland and boring. But you got it wrong because you can still experiment with textures! Your living area is the perfect place to incorporate texture. Adding textured wallpaper or pillows and blankets would bring a special touch to your minimalistic house. Make sure the colours work well together!

  • Incorporate flat surfaces.

  • If you want to create a minimalistic home, everything in it should have clear, defined lines and curves, and also flat surfaces. This is going to reflect light thereby making the room appear bigger. Incorporate well-defined cupboards, drawers, and windows, as well as plenty of flat surfaces, to wonderfully exemplify the ideas of minimalism.

  • Lighting is key.

  • Incorporating plenty of light into minimalistic decor can be extremely beneficial as it creates a bright, open atmosphere. Natural light ought to be your primary goal, so choose a very sheer curtain that allows sunshine to pass through. After that, think about how to apply layers in ambient lighting. Ambient lighting not only creates a welcome and warm environment, but it also improves the overall space.

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    Minimalist décor can be equally appealing as other types of decor. The goal is to keep things simple and to pick decor that has meaning for you. At Ashley, you can find several one-of-a-kind pieces that can help you create a minimalistic home that will allow your eyes to rest.