6 Perfect Pairings For Your Home When Decorating With Your Partner


Moving into a new space with your blossom buddy is a milestone for most of you. However, it is the beginning of adventures where you must learn to adjust with your partner. Before making your way to your 'crib', you might have browsed through catalogues, finding fresh ideas to decorate it. 

However, nothing feels better than coming home after a long, exhausting day and spending the remaining night with your loved ones. Therefore, it is crucial to spice up your interior game by having the perfect pairs listed below to spark the romance between you eventually. 

1. Mirrors and murals

Mirrors in a living room are an absolute plus! A perfectly positioned mirror catches our attention whenever we enter a house. In addition, mirrors can make a space appear larger and more luminous. 

When decorating your home, allocate a space to hang a mirror where some murals of your choice can accompany it. Whether they are photographs of yourself, paintings or even random illustration that appeals to you, they will utterly add a touch of elegance! 

2. Wood and metal

Name a better duo than wood and metal? - we bet you can't! This combination blends perfectly, creating a beautiful and unique ambience. Like yin and yang, the wood's warmth and rustic characteristics complement steel's sleek and cool vibes. For instance, these are some of the ways you can incorporate this industrial mishmash:

  • wooden cabinets with metal framed mirror or sink in the bathroom
  • distressed island top or table with metal chairs 

3. Modern and bohemian

The concoction of modern and bohemian splashes an aesthetically pleasing aura. This pair sums up what speaks the most to you because it consists of carefree patterns and colours. Since this pair screams harmony, you are free to have different hues, patterns and textures as long as they complement each other. Also known as the eclectic style, you can create a charismatic living space by experimenting with your preferred style!

4. Shelves and leaning pieces

No home is complete without shelves. So when you have an empty shelf, try occupying it by adding some chic artwork, books or photographs. The key is to lean them against the wall, creating serenity. Ditch the ordinary idea of arranging the frames by height and clutter them to add more dimension. You don't have to frame your pieces if you fancy a hippie look. 

5. Console tables and sofas

Another pair that is worth keeping your eyes peeled for is the console tables and sofas. When someone enters your house, the next thing they look for is a place to put their belongings like car keys and wallets. 

Placing a beautiful storage holder like a bowl or container does the job. Besides, you can position the console table against the wall with the television and hunt for sofas or even sofa beds. Say yes to more 'Netflix and Chill' nights with your lovey-dovey!

6. Dark corners and plants

If you are worried about the spots which do not get enough sunshine, invest in low-light plants to get them occupied! Many low-light plants can survive even when placed in the darkest corner of your house, for instance, ZZ Plant, Calathea, Watermelon Peperomia, Peace Lily and Pothos. Brighten up your space while you breathe in fresh air with these plants that will not break the bank.  

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