6 Tips To Save Space For Your Small Dining Room

Living in a flat or small house offers unique issues, particularly in terms of dining space. When dealing with limited space, you must make wise furniture selection and placement decisions. Whatever the size of your dining room, there’s a solution that will maximise your space while also making you happy to host visitors. Here are 5 tips to save space for your small dining room!

  • Choose banquette seating

  • If you're finding trouble fitting everyone at your small dining room table, think about adding a bench as an extra seating alternative to replace seats on one or two sides of the dining table. Benches may seat several people at one time, particularly children, which allows you to save room while providing more seating for your family and friends around the table. If you're looking for one, the Brewgan Counter Dining Table, 4 Chairs, and Bench Set is just perfect!

  • Be creative with storage options

  • You can maximise all the space of the dining room while still retaining a stylish appearance with some imagination and the proper furniture pieces. Investing in a dining table with hidden drawers or shelves like Skempton Counter Height Dining Table and 4 Barstools, is a sensible storage option. These inventive designs give you discreet storage space for cutleries, placemats and various other dining items, leaving them easily accessible but completely out of sight. 

  • Keep it simple

  • A small dining room is renowned for its basic and functional layout. The homeowners that prefer a compact dining room style generally prefer functional simplicity. Since the dining room has limited space, utilising furniture as sparingly and efficiently as possible is vital. An excessive amount of furniture could make the room feel claustrophobic. Opt for lighter-coloured furnishings to make the dining room seem bigger!

  • Add dramatic lighting

  • Dining rooms don't usually require strong work lighting; instead, you want a more enticing glow that complements long, conversational dinner parties. You may enhance the mood of your area and make it feel more spacious and welcoming by stringing pendants throughout the length of a rectangle table or hanging a bigger, more dramatic chandelier over a round table. Remember that lighting is the home's jewellery!

  • Embrace versatility

  • Design the dining room with versatility in consideration, and maybe get comfortable with the concept of moving pieces around. After all, a compact dining table can effortlessly function as a kitchen island, office, reading corner, or whatever else you can think of. Small dining tables also make an excellent addition to a kitchen for simpler meals like a quick breakfast.

  • Adds a statement piece

  • Make use of one of the primary advantages of working in a smaller space. In some ways, it's simpler to truly own and personalise this space since every decision - whether that it's decor, colours, or textures - has an effect. For example, rattan and flora could unexpectedly transform your dining room into a tropical sanctuary, making a strong aesthetic statement.

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