8 Farmhouse Style Ideas For Your Next Makeover



Meta Description: Have you ever wanted to go for the farmhouse style look for your home? Take a look at some of these tips for inspiration!

As much as we have pondered about living in a farmhouse surrounded by lush forests, adorable pets and beautiful blossoms, it is not practical for us who have made cities our home for living. Cozy, comfy and earthy are the words to describe a farmhouse. 

But, worry not; with the rise of modern farmhouses, we can add the touches of the farmhouse style to our living space! So, hop on this ride as you discover ways to start your farmhouse styling!

1. Go for neutral coloured walls

Choosing the right colour for your home is crucial. A light colour on the walls will absolutely complement the farmhouse because it makes the space look bigger. When we say neutral, it doesn't have to be white; you can go for beige, cream or even shades of brown. Most importantly, avoid painting different colours on different walls, especially in rooms. Since neutral hues blend with any style, you can still use your baby pink or blue furniture. 

2. Have a concoction of old and new elements

Metal and wood are a perfect combination that will surely enhance the ambience of a farmhouse! If you have vintage items, pair them with modern or new ones. For instance, you should get vintage or galvanised steel buckets rather than a plain plastic vase for your plants. 

3. Incorporate wood

If you are looking for a rustic look, incorporating wood into your interior is a must. You can achieve your desired farmhouse by getting wooden framed mirrors, porch swings, kitchen islands or shutters. A little goes a long way, so why not consider it? Besides, to add texture to the kitchen or pantry, use rustic shiplap, where you can also customise them! 

4. Say yes to sliding barn doors

Adding barn doors to your space is a game-changer. A barn door reminds us of the hays and farm animals. Therefore, replacing your pantry or laundry doors with beautiful barn doors does the job. In addition, barn doors save space and give you privacy. If you do not want your pantry and laundry area exposed, install sliding barn doors to hide them. 

5. Add distressed furniture

A feature that stands up the most in farmhouses is the distressed pieces of furniture. While giving your home a makeover, do not get rid of the old doors and windows. You can keep  or use them to decorate your house's nooks. Moreover, depending on your preference, you can put on your creative hats to distress the items you no longer use. 

6. Opt for rocking chairs

If you have the luxury to create or modify your front porch, go for it. Nothing beats the feeling of sipping a cup of coffee while reading your favourite book during sunset in a farmhouse-style rocking chair. Add a rustic side table with a gingham table or pillow cloths to indulge at the moment!

7. Choose open shelves

Open shelves are highly fashionable and make it convenient to grab whatever you want. Furthermore, displaying open shelves in the kitchen is a plus where you can showcase your antique cooking utensil collection like copper pots, pans and kettles. It is even more awe-inspiring if you use them to prepare meals. 

8. Fix the lighting

Everyone loves good lighting, and it can awe you with what it can do! Absolute lighting will change the entire ambience of a place. If you fancy a traditional look, hang a charming weathered iron chandelier or barn light. Some light fixtures worth checking out include gooseneck wall sconces, distressed wooden table lamps or chandeliers, and mason jar ceiling lights.

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