8 Ideas On How To Decorate Your Entryway

Are you in need of some ideas to decorate your entryway? Check out some of these tips to make it more attractive! 

The entryway of our homes will always be the first place for visitors as well as those living in your home while setting the overall tone. It’s where you impress your guests while also creating a comfortable environment upon walking through the door. 

  1. Offer seating for guests

You can consider our storage bench - the Brickwell Storage Bench as there’s plenty of space inside once you lift the lid up to place shoes. Guests can conveniently take off their shoes as well before entering the house. It’s better than randomly grabbing a chair for them! 

  1. Make use of mirrors 

Mirrors are great to reflect light while making the space brighter and bigger, especially if you have windows near your door! Just be sure to angle the mirror towards the source of light. Besides, it’s a good place to check your own reflection in the mirror just before heading out too! 

  1. Place a console table 

A console table contains convenient items you regularly take before leaving your home such as keys, face masks, mail, and so on. Even if you don’t have anything to place, it’ll be a great added decoration piece to your entryway.   

  1. Add a statement rug 

An attractive rug would impress your guests while also giving them a chance to clean their feet or shoes just before entering. Choose a rug that matches your overall interior so that it can be a great decoration item at your entryway. 

  1. Decorate with impressive wall art or frames 

Hanging up abstract wall art leaves a good impression on your guests each time they walk through your entryway. You can also add some inspirational quotes to make your guests (and even yourself!) feel good before going out. Consider adding some picture frames of your family or loved ones! 

  1. Bring in a touch of nature 

To add some positive vibes to your home, add some plants around your entryway! Being greeted by green plants would boost one’s mood! Some of the popular indoor plants would be Bonsais, Faux potted plants or Succulents. You can also consider fragrant colorful fresh flowers to bring some life to your home. Alternatively, instead of fresh plants or flowers, you can opt for artificial plants as well. 

  1. Place some storage options 

You’ll need an area to place coats, bags, umbrellas and other things before going out. Other than a storage bench, you can consider placing a closet to fit all of these items. A functional closet will be a great option - just be sure to measure the space so that it doesn’t look too congested. 

  1. Fill the air with aromatic elements 

Consider adding scented candles, essential oils or incense sticks at your entryway to fill the air with a refreshing feeling. This creates a positive environment to reduce stress and anxiety as certain scents such as lavender is known to do so while citrus scents are made to boost one’s focus or concentration. 

Decorate your entryway with Ashley! 

We hope you find some inspiration from these helpful tips! You can find various furniture from us at Ashley such as storage benches and cabinets. Don’t forget to share with us if you’re using any of our furniture!