8 Small Condo Design Ideas | Ashley Furniture

Living in a small condo has its perks, but it can be tough trying to figure out how to decorate it the way you want it despite the lack of space. However, you can still style your small condo to make it your dream home. Here are some small condo design ideas that you can gain inspiration from: 

8 Small Condo Design Ideas

  1. Consider round dining tables 

Instead of getting the usual square or rectangle tables, you should consider a round dining table because it saves more space. You can also fit more chairs in a round dining table. 

  1. Mount the TV to the walls 

You don’t have to place your TV on a table. Though there are benefits to using a TV stand or table, you can save more space by getting your TV mounted on the walls instead. That way, you will have more floor space too. 

  1. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall 

Don’t underestimate the beauty of mirrors! You will feel like your space is larger alongside brighter and airier. This is because mirrors offer an illusion to a space in any room. Besides, it doesn’t take up alot of space as well since you can just hang it on the walls. Hence, it’s the popular small condo design ideas most people would consider!

  1. Consider hide-away beds or sofa beds

During the day, you probably don’t really need your bed to be around. You can consider getting the beds which hide among cupboards or perhaps a sleeper sofa where you can simply fold or unfold it into a sofa or bed. 

  1. Hang up your furniture or mount it the walls

Consider purchasing furniture which doesn’t require floor space such as wall-mounted cabinets or shelves. You can keep your floor clear to make more room as you walk about. Have you heard of a wall desk? Yup, you can mount it on the walls instead of placing the tables on the floor. 

You should install your cabinets wall-to-wall or ceiling-to-floor so that it will be more organized and save space at the same time as you will be making use of all the corners found in the room.

  1. Lighting is everything

Did you know placing lighting around your room could make it seem spacious? That’s also why it’s one of the common small condo design ideas! Aside from making your small condo brighter, you will also create an illusion that it's big too. You should also consider pendant or drop lights because it gives off an illusion that your small condo has a greater height. 

  1. Make use of multi-functional furniture 

A multi-functional furniture is when you can make use for various reasons. For instance, if you opt for moveable furniture, you can use it as a dining table or a work table. Or you can even consider foldaway tables which can be folded when not in use. 

  1. Choose the right colours 

One of the best small condo design ideas is to make use of colours. To give an illusion of a spacious room, you will need to use plain or neutral shades. Patterns play a part too! To make it seem like your small condo has a great height, you should consider applying patterns consisting of vertical lines. 

We hope these small condo design ideas will help build your dream home! Don’t be discouraged even though you have a small space. There’s always many ways to decorate and make it as comfortable as possible. Need more furniture for your home? Check out our wide collection of quality furniture