A Helpful Guide On How To Choose An Accent Chair

Have you ever come across a type of furniture called the ‘accent chair’? Well, picking the right accent chair can be difficult because of the endless choices available in the market. Don’t worry, we got you covered with everything you know about an accent chair! 

What is an accent chair? 

An accent chair, also known as single-seat chairs, are primarily added to spaces in order to provide additional seating in a room. It’s also to create multiple focal points within a room, having the ability to draw attention to a visitor’s eye. 

Tips For Choosing an Accent Chair

1. Choose a style that’s different 

Ideally, you would want your accent chair to stand out. Hence, you should choose a style that complements your overall room interior. However, it should not be the exact same look as your other furniture. The key is to match without having the same style as it’s made to set itself apart from the rest. 

2. Make sure you know the size requirements 

You can’t get an accent chair that takes up most of the space in your room! That defeats the purpose of an accent chair. Instead, you should make sure you’ve measured the room and know beforehand where you’ll place the chair so that it’s eye-catching enough. 

Although most accent chairs are small, it does make a difference when placed in a room. For instance, if the room is too crowded, the accent chair will just be furniture that’s disturbing people walking around. Check every corner and make sure that you have space for people walking as well as offering comfort for sitting down.

3. Know the purpose of the accent chair 

You’ll need to know what’s the main reason as to why you’re getting an accent chair in the first place. Is it purely just for visitors so you’ll need additional seating? Or is it for yourself for times when you need to unwind? 

Comfort is key too, depending on the purpose of the chair. You can get an accent chair with armrests if it’s made to relax on. Otherwise, just a normal armless accent chair will do. 

4. Select the right colors 

Take a look around the furniture already in your room. Before choosing an accent chair, try to get a feel of the kind of color that’ll suit the entire interior. Don’t underestimate how one color could make a whole lot of difference! 

5. Consider the different kind of fabrics 

Aside from style and color, the fabric makes a difference too. There are faux suede, linen-weave, and wood. Each of the different fabrics portrays various moods and styles. If you’re going for a luxurious interior, the faux suede would be a good choice. Either way, choose your fabric wisely so that it complements your entire interior. 

Need a new accent chair? 

We hope the tips above could help you make the right decision in choosing an accent chair! If you’re looking for some accent chairs, check out our collection! We’re confident you’ll find something that suits your needs.