All About Hygge, A Scandinavian Lifestyle

The Scandinavian concept of hygge is always something Ashley adores. With their home decor and designs being all over Pinterest, it's not strange that its beauty is loved by many! 

Time is flying by, and sometimes all we really need is the warmth and serenity of our own home. This is where "hygge" takes place. When we think of "hygge," we think of the cosiness of snuggling into our favourite fluffy blanket with our favourite music playing in the background on a chilly, rainy day. Good thing that this post is all about hygge!

What is Hygge All About?

Cosy Up Your Space

Hygge is all about creating a secure haven in your own home. When it comes to hygge, go for soft, fluffy materials like faux fur throws or chunky knit blankets.There's no need to go overboard; your preferred reed diffuser aroma and some natural materials will do the trick.

Ambient Lighting

Lighting is crucial in creating a hygge ambiance in your home. It moves the chair from a shadowy corner to a warm, inviting area.  Make use of low, soft lighting and several little light sources rather than one large, harsh light. Hygge is all about what relaxes you and puts you at rest.

Get Organised and Avoid Clutter


Hygge is all about being organised and keeping things tidy. People would advise you to "Marie Kondo" your home if necessary. Look for organisers that will help you stay organised while also adding an appealing element to your home.

Add Some Greenery

Humans are naturally drawn to plants and the environment, so it seems to be the reason that we would want to incorporate them into our living spaces. They are not only gorgeous and create beautiful decor, but they also have additional benefits to oneself.

Small plants can be placed on walls using specially constructed wall pots, or vines can be hung off a high wall where only the vines can be shown. Adding some greenery creates not just a sense of serenity, but also a sense of harmony.

Create a Reading Nook

Adapt the hygge aesthetic to your love of reading. Nothing like a comfortable, cosy hideaway in your own home for reading your favourite book and sipping a nice cup of coffee. Get a comfortable chair, a small side table for your book, and, most importantly, place it next to a window. Natural lighting is always the right finishing touch for a cosy nook.

Create a Hygge Haven

Hygge isn't just about aesthetics; it's also about how you live. Host a get-together with the people you love most and make your favourite comfort meal for them, or wear your favourite fluffy socks with a blanket wrapped around you. You might want to bake some cookies and let the aroma fill your home. Hygge is all about having a good time — it's about the experience.

Shop with Ashley

If you want to make your hygge Pinterest board a reality, Ashley has a vast choice of furniture and decor options for you. Ashley is here to help you make your home a hygge haven, opening your mind for concepts of cosiness, together, and gratefulness.