Bed Size Malaysia: The Complete Guide To Choose The Right Size

An average human spends about the majority of their hours in bed to sleep. Hence, it’s quite important to get the right bed size for maximum comfort. There are four types of bed size Malaysia and here is everything you need to know about them! 

Single Bed Size Malaysia 

Single Bed Size Dimensions: 91cm x 190cm

A single bed is the smallest bed size Malaysia which is commonly used for students, children or used in a guest room. Only one person can sleep on this bed size. 

However, these days single bed sizes are quite rare to find as most people would opt for bigger sizes instead. 

You should get a single bed size if you have limited space and don’t plan on sharing with anyone else. If you have a child that’s too big for a baby cot, the single bed size would be best as well. 

Super Single Bed Size Malaysia 

Super Single Bed Size Dimensions: 107cm x 190cm

Similar to a single bed size, super single bed size has a wider width which is perfect for one person who sleeps with a bolster or several pillows around (and soft toys!). 

Super single bed size is more common compared to single bed size. Most teenages or kids would benefit the most from this bed size Malaysia. 

Queen Size Bed Malaysia 

Queen Bed Size Dimensions: 152cm x 190cm

A queen size bed Malaysia is common for couples or simple single sleepers who prefer to have a bigger space. 

You should opt for a queen size bed when you have enough space in your room. Plus, those who often toss and turn everywhere during sleep, then 

The queen size bed is mostly suitable if you’re under a budget too but need to have a bigger bed than the super single bed size as it is cheaper than a king size bed. Of course, if you’re sleeping with someone else, a queen size bed would be the best option. 

King Size Bed Malaysia

King Bed Size Dimensions: 183cm x 190cm

A king size bed is where you can fit your partner, soft toys, plenty of pillows and even your children. 

Of course, it comes with a heavier price tag as well, given it is the biggest bed size Malaysia. So if you can afford it, you should opt for a king size instead of the queen bed.

If you’re looking for a bedroom set that comes with a king size bed, our Bolanburg White King Bedroom Set would make the perfect choice! 

How To Choose The Right Bed Size Malaysia 

Now that you’re familiar with the available bed size Malaysia, you should also take into consideration various aspects of your life before placing a bed in your room:

  1. How much space do you have? 

Without a doubt, you need to consider how big your room is. If you have a small space, of course you can’t fit a king size bed in there. Get the measurements right before purchasing a bed and make sure it can fit well.

  1. How many people will be sleeping on the bed? 

Are you planning on living with someone or is it just you sleeping on the bed? You have to consider the size of who you’re sleeping with as well. A queen or king size bed would be best if you’re sleeping with someone else. 

  1. What is your sleeping pattern like? 

Do you often toss and turn in bed, or perhaps you simply sleep as straight as a log? You’ll need a bigger bed if you do somersaults while sleeping, even if you’re sleeping by yourself. You would simply fall off the bed with a single size bed!  

If you are having trouble looking for the right bed, take a look at our bed collection and perhaps you will find something that catches your interest! We offer different types of colours and styles, so there’s definitely something for everyone!