Best 7 Minimalist Home Decor Tips & Ideas

Bored of your current home decor or perhaps you just moved in and looking for some minimalist home decor ideas? We hear you! You don’t have to stress yourself too much - you can take inspiration from these tips and recommendations below!

What is minimalist home decor? 

The term minimalism stands for simplicity and cleanliness. Ideally, minimalist home decor involves a concept which is completely clean and simple, not so much on unique designs or striking, vivid colours. You’ll also have to ensure your home is clutter-free. 

Top Minimalist Home Decor Tips 

  1. Start decluttering your home 

That means get rid of unwanted items that aren’t important. Remove anything that isn’t needed on the shelves or counter tops. Keep them inside cabinets or simply throw them out. 

Store away the items that you don’t use often as it’ll just take up space. The key is to keep the area clear and clean as much as possible. Furthermore, try to avoid stacking various items on top of each other. You should keep your countertops or shelves flat so that it doesn’t look so cluttered.

  1. Allow natural light to penetrate in the rooms 

Another key point of minimalistic home decor is to allow natural light into your rooms. Opt for thin curtains and consider light colours instead of blackout curtains. You can even install blinds so that you can easily let natural light in whenever possible. 

Besides that, you can also make use of mirrors as it bounces light around a room. Consider placing fluorescent or LED lights around the house too along with natural light. 

  1. Add more greenery to your home 

When it comes to minimalist home decor, you’ll have to ditch colorful floral patterns. It is all about simple greenery such as using real, actual plants (or fake ones if you don’t think you can take care of them well) as it gives off a clean and fresh atmosphere. 

  1. Place impactful art on your walls 

It’ll be a bonus if you love art! Hanging wall art or framed posters around gives off the minimalistic vibes. Try to opt for those with monochromatic or neutral colours if possible. 

  1. Focus on textures 

Certain textures such as wool, velvet or fur tend to add a warm vibe to the atmosphere, making it one of the top minimalistic home decor tips too. Compared to many colours, textures such as textured wallpapers complement the overall minimalistic look very well. 

  1. Use multifunctional furnitures 

Since minimalistic home decor is all about keeping everything clean and clutter-free, you can consider getting furniture which serves various functions instead of just one such as an ottoman as you can use it as a substitute for a coffee table as well as to place your feet on top too. Other than that, getting furniture which comes in built-in drawers or storages are the best option too. 

If you have high ceilings, you can choose to place a minimalistic loft bed. This is because you will have more space at the bottom of the bed where you can either place a table or sofa underneath. 

  1. Make use of smart storages 

For instance, instead of placing shelves on the floor, you can consider floating shelves so that you will have more space on the floor. You should also get shelves which have wheels so you can simply move them about based on convenience sake. 

Now that you have some ideas on how to implement minimalistic home decor, if you’re ready to purchase new furniture from Ashley! Whether it is your living room, dining room or bedroom, we have the right options you need to create a minimalistic home.