Create An Earthy Atmosphere With These 7 Decor Ideas

No matter how much we adore maximalism or minimalism, our gaze will always return to the earthy atmosphere. Something about earthy decors makes our home feel relaxing and inviting. Besides, you can never go wrong with incorporating elements of nature into your house!

Almost all of our Ashley decor ems are ideal for the earthy dream home. From furniture to blankets to sofa, here’s how you can create the earthy atmosphere of your dreams!

  • Embrace the Geometric Rugs

  • Photo: Ashley Furniture

    Opt for the smooth, silky feel of this inviting geometric shag area rug. The modern pieces are intended to seamlessly connect the various components of your area. Besides, they're also fun and give dimension, which is essential when creating an earthy-organic vibe!

  • Throw Some Wool Pillows

  • Photo: Ashley Furniture

    Chunky wool pillow brings a natural tenderness to your earthy home environment. Its modern weaving in a tone-on-tone neutral emphasises texture rather than frills. Furthermore, the stylish chevron pattern is right on trend.

  • Scent the Air

  • A relaxing scent can be one of the simplest ways to unwind and feel better. Burning your favourite earthy aroma from your own reed diffusers or scented candles will significantly improve the mood of your home. Some of the scents that may bring a soothing, spa-like touch to any environment include eucalyptus, geranium, and chamomile.

  • Add Some Blankets

  • Photo: Ashley Furniture

    Decorating using blankets is a simple way to add a mood and pattern to a room. Choose neutrals for the earthy atmosphere, but also add the art of casual-contemporary décor. This Danita throw has rich details such as diamond patterning, fringe detailing, and a luscious knit of cotton yarns in relaxing beige and ivory tones, perfect for your earthy home.

  • Lay Around the Woven Baskets

  • Photo: Ashley Furniture

    These earth-toned woven baskets are a wonderful storage alternative. They are made of environmentally friendly water hyacinths that add personality and storage to any area. This basket has built-in handles, making it very convenient to move around.  Furthermore, the sustainable water hyacinth allows you to organise your home while also helping to save the earth. The textural elements will also provide an essential and warm element to your existing decor!

  • Add Some Plants!

  • Photo: Facebook

    Bring your plants into your living space to take that cosy feeling to the next level! Choose sculptural houseplants for natural decor that also serves as art. If you're a good plant mum, go ahead and get some, but if you're not, don't worry because Ashley has some wonderful faux plants for your home.

  • Take in the Natural Light

  • Letting any light from the clouds or sun into your home can make it more relaxing and welcome. Don't worry if your home has less windows; it's all about appreciating the natural light you have. 

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    There are many home designs available to choose, but nothing beats an earthy feel to your home. From nature-inspired statement pieces to woven decor, Ashley has plenty of options to help you create the ideal earthy-organic design look.