Difference Between Chest of Drawers & Dressers

Photo: Ashley Furniture

Many people get confused between chests of drawers and dressers, which are commonly used interchangeably. When, in fact, they’re not the same thing! Let us clarify the differences between chest of drawers and dressers for you.

What are Chests of Drawers?

Chests of drawers frequently appear taller and narrower than dressers. They include 4 to 6 drawers where you can store literally any items (that fits, of course). They also take up less space due to their design, providing extra space for those with limited space.

What are Dressers?

Although there are numerous variations in size and style of a dresser, in general, dressers are wider and not as tall as chests of drawers. They typically take up more quantity of floor space to be properly placed without generating an overcrowded appearance. Dressers are therefore highly suggested for rooms with more space.

What Makes Chests of Drawers and Dressers Different?

  • Sizes

  • Chests of drawers range in height from 44 to 60 inches and width from 24 to 38 inches. They're also often shallower than dressers, with a usual depth of only as much as 18 inches. Dressers, on the other hand, are typically between 30 and 70 inches long, occupying a greater amount of horizontal floor space compared to a chest of drawers.

  • Storage

  • You'd have to think about what you're going to store before purchasing any of them. Dressers will fit more than chests of drawers because they have many more deeper drawers. However, if you have extra space in your home and a few more items to store, you can incorporate the two! Since chests of drawers don't take up much space, you can put them both in the same room without crowding it.

  • Style

  • When it comes to style, different people have distinct aesthetics, therefore you may favour one over the other. If you are a minimalist, a chest of drawers is the best option because it is much more simple and sleeker. Dressers, on the other hand, are more suited to those who want to have a vanity area in their room. This is because you may place a mounted mirror on top of dressers since it is shorter than chest of drawers!

  • Price

  • In terms of price, chests of drawers are less expensive than dressers. This is due to the fact that chests of drawers are frequently smaller and simpler than dressers. Nonetheless, the materials used to build furniture, along with its design, size, and features, have a significant impact on its price. So, pick a suitable piece of furniture that meets your budget and needs.

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