Dining Table Guide: Everything You Need To Know On Choosing Them

A dining table is where we have several meals together with our loved ones. It’s crucial to get a dining table that caters to the right number of persons so that everyone has a sufficient amount of space. We’ve come up with a brief dining table size guide so that you won’t have regrets upon purchasing one for your home: 

1. Identify your needs and requirements

Do you regularly have guests over? Then that requires you to have a large table. But if it’s only going to be less than 4 people seated on the dining table, you only need a small one. Hence, you should state clearly what are your requirements before getting a dining table.  

Other than that, below are some of the other aspects you’ll have to think about: 


Before anything, you should know the rough idea of how much space is available to place a dining table in your living room. Take note of the space for people to walk around comfortably as well. 


From modern to Scandinavian designs, you may pick your preferred style that sparks your interest or the ones that already match your dining room interior. Be sure to get matching dining chairs as well so the overall concept will look complete.


There are quite a few choices such as wood, concrete, and so on. Each material offers a different vibe. For instance, wood dining tables offer a warm feeling whereas marble focuses more on aesthetics, creating a luxury atmosphere. 

2. Choose your preferred dining table shape 


Round tables are suitable for those who regularly host small gatherings. It makes it easier for everyone to talk amongst each other without getting left out. However, round tables aren’t able to fit a large group of people. 


The most common dining table shape would be rectangular ones due to how they are able to fit a large group. Besides, the shape creates sufficient room for people to walk about without feeling too congested. With rectangular dining tables, you can even opt for long bench chairs instead of the usual to save space. 


Square tables are great for those who have less than 4 pax sitting in the dining table at one time. It also offers more intimate conversations among each other. 


If you’re looking for aesthetics, oval tables offer a good visual appeal. Plus, it doesn’t consume much space due to the rounded, curved corners. 

3. Get the right dining table size 

After figuring out the style alongside your needs and requirements, now it’s time to choose your dining table size! The general dining table size guidelines are as listed below: 

Size (Diameter)

Round or Square Measurements

Oval or Rectangular Measurements

4 feet (48 inches) 

4 pax 

4 pax 

5 feet (60 inches) 

6 pax 

6 pax 

6 feet (72 inches)

6 pax

6 pax

8 feet (96 inches) 

Not available 

8 pax

10 feet (120 inches) 

Not available 

10 pax 

Do keep in mind on leaving some space for people to walk around the dining table as well. Not to mention the amount of food being placed on the dining table. 

Consider extension tables 

Extension tables are a great option if you’re expecting the amount of people sitting on the table to increase as time goes on. You can simply extend the table to make it bigger if there’s a large number of pax, or make it smaller once again whenever necessary. 

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