Explore Farmhouse Decor To Spice Things Up In Your Home

Farmhouse decor is a distinct interior design style inspired by the rustic appeal of country homes during the 1800s. Utilising natural materials, this country-inspired style creates a sense of simplicity and relaxation. As a result, farmhouse-style decor is frequently fashioned from locally available wood. 

Certain parts can instantly change a piece of furniture into the perfect addition for your home especially when it relates to embracing the country design. Here are some essential features that Ashley will bring to spice things up in your home!

  • Rustic finishings

  • Rustic finishes are always going to be a favourite, whether or not you decide for an old-fashioned farmhouse or one with a contemporary style. Connecting to the outside world for inspiration is always vital for farmhouse decor ideas.

    From incorporating pieces of wood on the highest point all the way right down to the floors, to experimenting with earthy colour palettes and patterns influenced by nature. And, adding the Bolanburg 74” TV Stand will instantly make your home feel like you live in the countryside!

  • Neutral colours

  • Choose furnishings in earthy and mild tones to complement the cosy appeal of farmhouse decor. Go for warm browns, beige, ivory, and muted greens. These colours convey a sense of tranquillity and balance with nature, completing your home's rustic environment. Aside from being suitable for a farmhouse style, using an overall neutral colour is usually a good method for developing a design that you won't grow bored of in the long term.

  • Vintage-inspired furniture

  • Vintage and traditional aesthetics are used to inspire farmhouse decor. Consider for designs with traditional components such as twisted legs, cross-back chairs, and elaborate mouldings.

    These classic elements pay attention to the timeless workmanship of the past while also adding a genuine farmhouse vibe to your home. Opt for vintage furniture that is built of solid wood and has a distressed appearance when shopping for it, just like the ones from Ashley!

  • Adds a nature element

  • You don't have to be living on an actual farm or even in an isolated cottage to show Mother Nature some affection. Wooden accents are now an essential part of farmhouse design since they instantly add a rustic, lovely touch to any area. The possibilities for applying this concept into your own home decor are endless. Add some faux plants from Ashley if you’re still struggling to be a plant-mom!

  • Display decorative wall plaques

  • Plates hung on the wall or displayed on a shelf or dresser provide a dash of colour and a rustic atmosphere to your farmhouse-inspired home. This is an excellent opportunity to add some flair to the wall by displaying your favourite patterns.  Choose brighter colours for a more current aesthetic, and colours that are neutral and materials from nature for a more classic taste. 

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    Farmhouse decor combines rustic beauty, classic elegance, and cosy warmth to create an enticing blend that will completely transform your home. One can produce a setting that emanates warmth, personality, and an air of reminiscence through incorporating farmhouse-inspired features into your decors as well as lighting selections. 

    Whether you prefer distressed wooden furniture, vintage-inspired artwork, or lantern-style lighting pieces, every item from Ashley brings its own special character to your house.