Here Are 4 Bedroom Styles For Your Next Makeover


Styling your bedroom can be a fun but challenging process. From choosing the right pillows to bed sheets, there’s plenty of ways to spruce up your bedroom. If you’re looking for ways to make your room comfortable yet stylish, below are some unique style ideas: 

Style #1: Coastal Breeze 

To make your bedroom be filled with a bright and cool breezy concept, a coastal decoration theme would be your dream style! If you’re someone who loves the beach, you can experience being in the ocean right at the comfort of your room. 

In order to achieve a coastal breeze style, you may consider getting hardwood floors which are light brown or pale in color. The walls could also be painted white or sky blue. To make it even more unique, throw some seashell decorations or rattan chairs instead of your standard bedroom chairs. 

As for the furniture, go for the wooden ones which are soft colors such as the Hillcott Queen Upholstered Bed which comes in a light beige color. The headboard is made out of wood too. 

Style #2: Contemporary 

Contemporary design is all about combining several design elements such as minimalistic, modernism, and Art Deco. The key to building a contemporary bedroom would be to make use of simple shapes, clean lines and neutral colors. 

Consider our Havalance Queen Bedroom Set or Realyn Queen Bedroom Set consisting of neutral colors that gives off the contemporary feel. Decorate with abstract art paintings on your walls for a finishing touch. As for your bedroom wallpaper, try going for geometric designs that make your room pop. 

You can also consider keeping it simple by making use of black and white. Essentially, from the wallpaper to your furniture, everything will only consist of black or white. This gives off a clean yet aesthetic look.

Style #3: New Traditional 

This style involves a combination of both old and new (past and present). The main idea is to pay attention to comfort and a sleek look. Usually, a bedframe with an upholstered style would be the best choice for this style such as the Johnelle Queen Upholstered Panel Bed

Style #4: Scandinavian

Scandinavian is all about using plenty of white and wood. Our Realyn Nightstand and Realyn Dresser & Mirror would be a great choice for giving off the Scandinavian vibes. Be sure to also leave plenty of open space in between your furniture. Avoid placing rugs as it will look too messy. The Scandinavian style focuses on making your room look as clean as possible. 

For those who prefer a luxurious Scandinavian style, go for dark colors such as charcoal or inky blue. However, the wood furniture can be a neutral shade such as gray or dark brown.

Looking for new furniture to amp up your bedroom? 

We hope these bedroom styles could give you some sort of idea for your new makeover! If you’re looking for new furniture to change the style of your bedroom, check out our wide selection of beds, nightstands, and dressers!