How To Style Your Ottoman The Right Way

The ottoman is more than simply a little stool that you place in your living room! It is a versatile piece of pieces that may be used in a variety of ways and not just that, it often serves as a coffee table as well. It has been existing for generations and continues to be a popular piece of furniture despite being one of the rare ones. If you want to make your house feel like home, it can also be a way to get away from a room's formal sitting arrangements.

A Little History of the Ottoman

In the late 18th century, the ottoman was originally imported from Turkey, particularly from the Ottoman Empire, into Europe. It became a fundamental piece of seating that frequently covered a full wall and was piled high with luxurious cushions! The design changed throughout time, and a significantly smaller variation was developed to ensure it was able to fit across the majority rooms' corners.

However, it wasn't until they realised that this particular piece of furniture was cosy as a footrest that it started to become an important component in exclusive member's clubs. Since that time, the ottoman has gained popularity as a piece of furniture that may be used everywhere in the world.

Tips & Tricks of Getting The Ottoman

Size plays a role when picking the right ottoman, mainly the height. Before you start looking for the ideal piece, make sure that you measure the height of your current sofa, loveseat, or chair. Always keep your ottoman at the same height as the rest of the seating arrangements or a little lower. Anything higher than the height of your sitting could lead to a footrest that is quite uncomfortable.

Standard Ottoman

Photo: Ashley Furniture

The standard ottoman is a favourite among many people who prefer an old-fashioned living room appearance. Even though it lacks other features like storage, it nevertheless functions as the best footrest, coffee table, or accent piece. The standard ottoman is an excellent option for seats that can be pulled out when hosting if you're seeking to save room. Make sure to take mobility into account; a piece of castors or that is lightweight will probably be the simplest to move.

Style Tips: Nearly all types of sofas mix well with square ottomans, but if you want to give your living space more visual interest, consider choosing an ottoman with a rounder form as the centrepiece. In a room with crisp, straight lines and right angles, a round ottoman creates contrast. Additionally, the rounded design is comfortable and fits nicely in compact areas.

Our Pick: Flintshire Oversized Accent Ottoman

Cocktail Ottoman

Photo: Walmart

The cocktail ottoman, a fantastic substitute for the conventional coffee table, immediately stands out for its firmer surface. You may easily place items on top of the flat surface to decorate your ottoman with your preferred accent pieces. To create the ideal living room setup, simply combine your favourite item with a stylish tray that will hold your essentials.

Style Tips: If you prefer eating and drinking while relaxing on the sofa, go for a model that is less heavy with dark-coloured fabric. If your room is kid and pet friendly, this will guarantee low upkeep and simple cleanup!

Our Pick: Borlofield Coffee Table Ottoman

Storage Ottoman

Photo: Ashley Furniture

You get a footrest, an extra seat, a coffee table, and storage altogether in one by choosing to add a storage ottoman to your room! You may store your preferred living room necessities out of sight, including blankets and remote controllers.

Style Tips: Having limited square footage in a small space, this versatile piece of furniture is a need. To make it simple for you to reach your goods and hide its capacity for storage, look for the one with a hinged top!

Our Pick: Cambri Ottoman With Storage

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Whatever your style is in living room furniture, there is an ottoman for you! These long-lasting pieces are available in a range of designs, materials, and colours. Shop your ottoman with Ashley today as we have a variety of options for you to choose from!