6 Tips To Brighten Up A Room

Did you know that dark rooms tend to bring negative vibes to one’s home? If you happen to realize your rooms are pretty dark, it’s best to make some changes as it will improve not just your mood, but the overall look of your room too. Check out some of the ways to brighten a room! 

1. Add a touch of greenery 

One of the common brightening tip would be to add some indoor plants into your home. It will help to brighten up the atmosphere, especially if you have dark furniture or floors. Our advise would be to place a large plant instead of a small one and is placed in a white vase. 

2. Hang bright paintings 

If your wall is already a dark colour and you’d rather not paint them again, you can consider hanging bright art or paintings instead. Be sure to choose the ones with light colours. A useful tip would be to add a spotlight that shines towards the pictures. 

3. Use bright furniture 

Althought we usually choose furniture that suits our own taste or the current interior. However, you’ll also have to consider the lighting of your home. For instance, the gray sofa wouldn’t look nice a dark room. 

Furniture with colours such as beige or white would make a room brighter and feel more spacious. Another suggestion would be to use transparent furniture (made out of glass). 

4. Place mirrors around the room

Other than making a small space seem bigger, mirrors are also great to brighten up the room. Mirrors are able to reflect to natural light into the space. In other words, it’s similar to windows. If you don’t prefer to hang mirrors around, you could just make use of furniture with a mirrored top. 

5. Install brighter lightbulbs

If you didn’t know already, there are many different types of lightbulbs. The ones that produces a higher power output with the adequate amount of energy used would be LEDs and CFLs. Thus, you can save electricity at the same time! 

6. Utilize glass doors

For something a little more permanent, you can consider changing your solid doors to glass doors instead. This allows natural light to pass through, making it more bright and open. You can also minimize the use of lights in the house as the natural light coming from the outside will be sufficient enough. 

Brighten your space with Ashley!

Now that you understand some of the ways to brighten up your home, you can get started with getting the things you need. When you need some bright furniture, check out our collection for living rooms, home offices, kitchen & dining rooms and bedrooms