House Renovation Malaysia: 5 Tips For A Smooth Process



House Renovation Malaysia Checklist

1. Identify your budget and determine your renovation goals 

The first thing you should do before you begin your house renovation process is that you need to know what your budget is. Everything else will be easier to come up with because it will help narrow down options. 

Besides that, you should know the main reason as to why you’re doing a house renovation. For example, perhaps you want to change things up in your home because everything is too outdated and old fashioned. If that’s the case, you should research the modern trends and look out for designs that are fresh. 

Another common house renovation Malaysia goal would be to create a more spacious layout if the room is too cramped. Then, the renovation would be more focused on creating better flow and maximizing the space. 

2. Look out for your preferred contractor 

You must understand that there are different contractors or experts you’ll have to hire. There are architects, general contractors and even interior designers. Sometimes, certain house renovation Malaysia companies would already have their own entire team so you only need to consult with one person in charge, and they will handle the rest. 

3. Start with your exterior 

The rule of thumb when it comes to house renovation is to begin planning from your exterior. A few things you should consider are: 

  • Roof: You need to get your roof inspected in order to prevent leaks. 
  • Doors:  You can choose between repairing or completely replacing the doors. 
  • Paint: Inspect whether anywhere needs to be repainted. 
  • Windows: You need to check if any parts of the windows are faulty. 
  • Garden or Porch: If there is greenery around, you should keep it tidy or if not, you can completely remove the greenery altogether. 

4. Plan out the overall floor plans and layout 

Once you engage with a professional, they would be able to draw and plan out the layout together with you. After you state your requirements and overall idea of your layout, they will bring it to life. 

Besides, the professionals would be able to know whether your ideal plan is feasible or not. For instance, perhaps if you want to add an additional room, it may not be ideal. 

5. Come up with the overall idea of your interior 

A huge part of the house renovation Malaysia process would be the house interior. The overall house interior consists of the following sections:

  • Electrical: In order to prevent potential fires from happening, you should get all the wirings inspected. This also includes identifying whether you need additional power sockets or sources.  
  • Plumbing: The pipes and tapes should be checked for leaks. 
  • Flooring: You can decide what kind of texture and appearance of your flooring such as carpets or tiles. 
  • Bathroom: A few things you should check would be the ventilation, countertop, shower area, and storage space. 
  • Bedrooms: This includes the master bedroom and other bedrooms around the house.  
  • Living Room: What kind of furniture will be placed here? Aside from that, you should also consider the entertainment aspects as well as the lighting.  
  • Kitchen: The aspects you should consider in your kitchen would be the ventilation, what kind of cooking you will be doing, and whether there will be a space for people to sit while cooking. 

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