Choosing The Right Bar Stool: A Simple Guide

Do you need advice on choosing the right bar stool for your kitchen or dining room? Bar stools come in various styles, sizes and price. Other than the height, there are other several factors to consider such as the style to match the overall interior of the space. Without further ado, let’s get into the guide of choosing the right bar stool: 

Step 1: Consider the back rest 

Do you prefer to get a bar stool with a back or without? When it comes to barstools with no backrest, it’ll have a more casual look and doesn’t consume much visual space. It’ll be suitable for those who have minimal space. However, in terms of comfort, you won’t find it comfortable to sit on for long hours. 

If you were to get a bar stool with a backrest, it’ll be a much safer and comfortable option, especially if you have kids or plan on sitting down for many hours. 

Step 2: Choose the preferred height 

Choosing the appropriate height depends on the height of your dining table as well as the available space in the room. The average common height of bar stools are as follows: 

23 inches to 28 inches

For bar stools with this height, it’s generally smaller sized than the standard bar stools available in the market. Hence, it makes the perfect with kitchen tables that are of 35 inches to 37 inches in height. 

29 inches to 32 inches

This is the standard bar stools height to where it’s regularly placed at work spaces or restaurants. The table height for this bar stool height would be between 41-inch to 43-inch. 

33 inches to 36 inches

It’s not the common bar stool height as this is suitable for extra tall countertops with the height of between 44 inch to 47 inch. 

Step 3: Select the type of seat cushion 

There are different types of bar stools with various types of seat cushions. You can consider simply just a plain wooden bar stool or perhaps barstools that are upholstered and comes with a cushion or padded seat. 

Step 4: Pick your preferred bar stool style 

Depending on your existing interior in your home, you’ll have to choose the bar stool style that matches it. Below are some of the common bar stool styles you’ll find available: 

  • Industrial: Usually, the bar stools will be made out of wood or raw metal. 
  • Traditional: Bar stools which are traditional will feature wood frames or leather upholstered seating. 
  • Rustic: With the rustic style, there will be mixture of materials such as wicker, distressed wood and country charm. 
  • Modern: The bar stool modern styles feature metal, plastic or wood materials - making it a sleek, contemporary look. 

  • Lift or Swivel Bar Stools 

    Some of the bar stools come with the function of a swivel seat or ability to adjust the height. If you are looking for a bar stool to be placed in public places, you’ll want a chair that can be turned easily. 

    The bar stools with a level, also known as a gas lift, will allow you to easily find a height that’s the most comfortable. At the very least, you don’t have to worry to much about the table height since it can be adjusted to your liking. 

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