6 Helpful Tips To Care For Your Cushions

Yes - just like your hair and your air conditioning, cushions requires regular maintenance as well. You should definitely include cushion care as part your daily cleaning routine, especially if you have a favourite! Here are some of the cushion care tips you can consider applying: 

1. Don’t cut off the tags attached to your furniture 

Whenever you purchase new furniture, the tags will be attached to. It’s important to keep these tags as it contains instructions and information regarding the furnitures such as the material, fabric as well as care instructions. Try to keep it in a place where you’ll always remember. 

2. Fluff your cushions regularly

Overtime, your cushions will tend to sag or become flat and loses its shape, especially those made with soft materials. Some of the ways you can fluff your cushions would be to prod, slap or punch them so that it can get back to its original shape.  

The soft cushions require more fluffing whereas the firmer cushions only need to be fluffed less frequently. 

3. Flip your cushions often 

What we mean by flipping the cushions is to turn them on opposite sides. This includes the back cushions, not just the seats! The main benefit of flipping cushions is to ensure the wear and tear will be even. For example, the seats will become the saggy one side if you don’t flip them over. 

4. Use a vacuum to clean 

Your vacuum is your trusted friend! The best practice is to vacuum your cushions every week to ensure its tip-top condition. Vacuuming helps to prevent dirt from getting attached to the cushion fibers. 

It’s highly recommended to use a vacuum that has a built-in HEPA filter as it will remove any molds. 

5. Clean stains immediately 

Once there’s a stain, you’ll have to clean it up immediately. If you leave it there for a few hours, it’ll be a permanent stain - and we’re sure you wouldn’t want that! 

Use a clean folded towel and blot on the stains, make sure to not to rub the stain as it will spread and leave a much bigger stain. You can also refer to the manufacturers’ instruction care to make sure you don’t make it worst. 

6. Try to avoid direct sunlight or pollutants 

When your furniture is exposed to direct sunlight, the fabric will start to fade, especially for silk or fabrics that are more delicate. Make sure your furniture is positioned where it won’t be facing direct sunlight for long periods of time. 

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With that being said, if it’s too late to care for your old cushions, at least when you purchase new ones, you’re able to take good care of them! So if you’re on a hunt for new furniture to place in your living room, bedroom, kitchen & dining room or home office, we’re confident you’ll find something that suits your taste and preferences!