8 Tips On How To Style Your Bedroom With Neutral Theme

It’s a given - neutral bedrooms are a popular choice as the vibe it gives off is quite calming and soothing. Since our bedroom is the place where we sleep and spend most of our time in, it’s best to ensure the atmosphere is calming and comfortable enough. 

Here are some tips to curate a neutral bedroom that will make you want to stay inside all day:

1. Make use of wood elements 

Making use of wood is always everyone’s go-to choice for bedrooms. With that being said, wood elements go well together with neutral tones. That’s also why wood  is considered one of the natural textures too! Consider wood elements that come in shades of ivory, walnut or cedar. 

2. Go for materials such as linen and wool

Layering up wood and linen together will create a glamorous, neutral look due to the fact that they are natural fibres. Besides that, soft linens are able to add a done-undone look which brings out a peaceful vibe.

3. Consider using geometric designs 

Think patterns should be avoided when it comes to neutral bedrooms? Nope! Geometric wallpapers that are small-scaled would be suitable for bedrooms that are of neutral schemes. Try to look for the ones that are in muted colours such as grey and tan. 

4. Choose a headboard with neutral texture 

If you have a bed with a headboard, you should go for the ones that come in neutral textures. Since your bed headboard will be one of the biggest furniture in your bedroom, you should make sure that it comes a neutral textures such as lacquered. 

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5. Hang a statement piece at the top of your bed

A great tip is to place a statement piece with a minimal design at the top of your headboard. This helps to curate a unique personality without going overboard and still maintain a neutral style. 

6. Add rustic elements 

Rustic elements and neutral goes together hand in hand. When you combine rustic styles such as stainless steel furniture and wooden furniture with neutral tones, it gives off a chic yet minimalistic vibes. 

7. Hang curtains with neutral patterns/colors

Most bedrooms has curtains, so you can switch it up and hang those that are part of warm white and creams palette. Choose the curtains which are only bright and vibrant colours. Another great tip is to hang some curtains behind the headboard of the bed. 

8. Consider dark elements 

Although neutral bedroom themes usually consist of light colors, you can consider dark color palettes as well. This adds a striking and moody look that is neutral at the same time, particularly with white or tan walls. 

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We hope you managed to gain some ideas from these tips! While you’re searching for ideas on curating your ideal bedroom, you could also include browsing through our bedroom collection! We have plenty of furniture that’ll be a great addition to your neutral theme bedroom.