Multifunctional Benefits of Poufs, Ottomans & Benches

Who wouldn’t love multifunctional furniture? Poufs, ottomans and benches are so versatile - you can use them just a decorative piece, as storage, or as a place to sit. Most of these are aesthetically pleasing, you won’t have trouble choose them to match your home interior. Here are some ideas on how you can make use of them: 


Poufs are commonly compared to bean bags, but they are not the same. Bean bags tend to be more flexible as it follows one’s body shape upon sitting on it, but poufs are generally sturdier and doesn’t move according to one’s body. 

You can consider placing poufs near your bed so you’ll have a spot to sit down while getting ready instead of standing. Other than that, you can also simply just relax on them for a few hours. Alternatively, instead of a place to sit, it makes the perfect option to put items temporarily, somewhat similar to end tables. 


Ottomans, which are commonly placed in living rooms, are furnitures which doesn’t have any arm or back rests. You can assume it’s similar to stools. You can place ottomans in living rooms so that it come serve as additional seating to guests during events or parties. 

Furthermore, ottomans are great because you can use them as a table where you can place your mugs, as a workspace or to plop your feet up. Some ottomans are made with storage inside upon lifting the top up. 

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Benches are furnitures which can fit a few people at the same time, depending on how much space each of them take up. They are more durable as well as less likely to experience wear and tear. 

With benches, it’s easy to match both indoor and outdoor interiors, making it multifunctional in that sense. In fact, you can also find other ways to use the bench such as for exercise. You can also place them near the door so guests can take a seat while taking off their shoes or to place their belongings. 

Other than that, you can also place the bench near the window so you can use it to read your book or to unwind after a tiring day. When you need a spot to get ready, you can put it near your bed. 

You can pretty much change it up around your home instead of just using it solely at one spot. With that being said, it’s best to choose a bench that is neutral so it can match anywhere in your home no matter what kind of style. 

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