5 Tips To Entertain Guests Within A Small Space

Do you happen to own a small space? Well, you won’t have trouble thinking how to maximise your space despite it being a small one! The ideal way is to make it as comfortable as possible for all your guests. There are plenty of ways to curate a space that’ll able to accommodate guests or simply for entertainment. Check out some of them below! 

1. Make use of decorative furniture

If you have some comfortable decorative pillows, you are able to place them on the floors so your guests can sit on them too. Rugs make the best option too as your guests can sit down on the floor comfortably. You won’t be required to get extra chairs! 

2. Consider bar stools 

Compared to standard chairs, bar stools don’t take up plenty of space. If you don’t want to use them, some bar stools are easy to stack and place them away. Bar stools can be easily kept away as well due to the small size if you don’t prefer to stack them up. 

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3. Allow space for guests to place their items 

Instead of letting your guests place all of their furniture on the floor, you can consider adding hooks to the doors. Stacked shoe racks are a great option too. That way, there will be more space for your guests to move around without feeling congested. 

4. Multipurpose furniture are lifesavers  

Coffee tables can serve as a dining table too! Besides that, ottomans can be used as both extra seat or as a table. If you have storage benches, you can also make use of it by storing your guests shoes or as extra seating space. 

5. Use more lights colours and mirrors

Light colours tend to create the illusion that the room is bigger than the real size. For instance, the color white is a good idea as it’ll reflect light. Other than that, lighter colours will generally make the area more open as it reflects the light. 

Mirrors also reflect light when positioned properly. Try to place it where it can reflect natural light coming from the windows. 

Choose the right furniture for your home!

With these tips, we hope you are able to get a rough idea on how to decorate your space to make room for guests! If you’re looking for new furniture, check out our wide collection from Ashley! No matter if it’s for your living room or kitchen/dining room, you’ll be able to find something that suits you’re budget and taste.