Make Your Home Pet-Friendly With These Tips

Our special link of loyalty, camaraderie, and pure affection for our little furry companions is enormously rewarding, but keeping a pet also comes with a slew of responsibilities. If you have a pet or are thinking about getting one, consider these tips to make your home pet-friendly that will meet their needs and easy to take care of while remaining true to your style.

  • Flooring Options
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    Flooring is something you should consider. Make certain that your home has hardwood flooring or easily cleaned textured tiles. You may intend to add beautiful rugs and carpets to compliment your home. However, avoid covering your floor with rugs and carpets especially if you have a dog or a cat. This is because rugs in the house might collect their fur, hair and bacteria. Hence, it'll be bad for both your pets and you.

  • Get Rid of Clutter

  • Considering how energetic dogs and cats are, reorganise your home furniture to give them more room to play and move about. To avoid mishaps, keep fragile objects like glassware, vases, and other display pieces out of your pet's reach as well as off of tabletops and other surfaces. Last but not least, choose concealed wiring to keep your home tidy and deter pets from nibbling on the cables.

  • Look for Pet-Friendly Furniture

  • One of the most significant aspects to consider when making your home more pet-friendly is the features of your furniture. When searching for pet-friendly furniture, keep the following aspects in mind:

    • Select furniture with scratch-resistant materials to avoid harm from your pet's claws.
    • Furniture with easy-to-clean surfaces and textiles that can resist spills, accidents, and ordinary wear and tear are preferable.
    • Your pet requires a relaxing environment, so seek for furniture with plenty of cushioning and support.
    • Choose furniture with solid construction and no sharp edges or corners to ensure your pet's protection.
  • Materials of Furniture
  • Photo: Joybird

    Another important factor to consider while looking for pet-friendly furniture is the material. Faux leather or leather upholstery is long-lasting, easy to clean, and does not absorb pet odours. Note that dark upholstery will be simpler to care for than light upholstery. 

    Also, try utilising washable slip covers made of synthetic materials for the sofas and dining chairs, which can be removed and washed on a regular basis. Don't opt for delicate materials like silk, corduroy, and chenille, which can be harmed by claws, or velvet, which collects pet fur. Ashley has a lot to offer for your pets (and you)  to lounge on the sofa with full comfort!

  • Create Their Own Space

  • Set aside a small area of your home for feeding your dog or cat. Make a private sleeping room for your pet, complete with a bed and a few toys, where they can unwind after a day of play.

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    Pet-friendly home design does not have to make you lose your home aesthetic. With the tips given above, you can design a home that both you and your pet can get cosy in. So, browse through Ashley Furniture to create the dream home for you and your furry friends!