Popular Home Decor Trends 2023

Looking for some ideas to spice things up in your home? Check out some of these top home decor trends in 2023!

The popular home decor trends for interior design in 2023 are broad and varied.  There are some fresh hues, textures, and materials, but fresh feelings are what matter most. Most of the moods revolve around either a lively and patterned ornamental boost of joy or a clean, simple design with a sense of serene.


Here are some 2023 popular home decor trends we love this year

1. Warmer Colour Palettes

Photo: Ashley Furniture


Brown furnishings went out of vogue decades ago as a result of the trend becoming "overdone" and prices rising.  But like every great trend, it made its own come back—right as the '70s look is generally on the rise. Due to its outstanding quality and inexpensive price, designers and artists began to purchase a lot of brown furniture from antique, thrift, and vintage shops. The style has been reintroduced by furniture manufacturers today, making it more widely available so that you don't have to rely on a good thrift store bargain. You might want to look into our Maimz Collection!


2. Clean Aesthetic

Photo: Ashley Furniture

Minimaluxe, a minimalist colour scheme that lets you highlight your favourite items, is poised to rule the design industry. It has a feeling of airiness and lightness, as well as soft textures, shapes, and colours. What minimaluxe is centred around is the desire for minimalism combined with an atmosphere you want to snuggle up in with your most priceless possessions. We got a lot of minimal collections in store, feel free to visit our website!

3. Natural Materials

Photo: Ashley Furniture


Many design fields are influenced by nature. For instance, a building's location—whether it's in a dry or hilly area—has a greater than ever effect on the interior. This is due to the rise in local, eco-friendly crafting and design. They get design inspiration from their surroundings as well. Therefore, prepare yourself to see 2023 decor trends for colours, architecture, and even furniture mirroring their environment. 

4. Curves, Arches and Rounded Edges


This year, your home will include more arched entrances and entries, curved furniture, and rounder sculptures as sharp edges give way to softer curves. The strategy has a more natural feel and a general airiness to it. Furniture like sofas, chairs and other modest décor items are the easiest way to incorporate this design into your house. Take a look here if you wish to add one to your lovely home.

5. Marble Pieces


One of the most expensive materials in the world, marble is admired for its aesthetic appeal and ageless quality. The marble has never been out of style, but new varieties are becoming more and more fashionable. While white Carrara marble has long been popular, 2023 will also bring forth a variety of marbles with deep, intense colour and abundant veining. 


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