Tips on Creating Gorgeous Succulent Arrangements

Do you need helpful tips on how to curate pretty succulent's arrangements for your space? Here are some ideas!

The arrangement and the effort you put in at your home is the main aspect to give you the comfort and warmth that may make it seem like a “home”. You cannot use the phrase “feel at home” if it's just a space full of furniture and objects. This is exactly why you should decorate your house with floral arrangements and the best choice for that is the succulent! 

Succulents are tenacious plants that retain water in their thick leaves and stalks, making them a symbol of enduring and eternal love. Are you looking to decorate your home with succulents to bring some greenery and stylish elements in your personal space? Ashley’s got you covered as we bring to you some tips on creating gorgeous succulent arrangements at your home!

  1. Select your plants

The very first thing that you should do when you are creating succulent arrangements is to know about succulent plants. Succulent plants have engorged parts and they are perfect for decorating gardens and homes because of their attractive appearance. You have to consider certain aspects before picking the succulent for your arrangements which include type, colour and size.

  • Type of Succulent

Did you know there are thousands of different varieties of succulents around the world? Among all these succulents. Some of the popular types of succulents are Echeveria, Sempervivum, Aenomiun, Crassula, Euphorbia, Gasteria, Senecio, Crassula and Jade. You can pick any of these types that can suit your home design. 

  • Colour of Succulent

Each of the succulents come in a variety of colours that may be utilised all year long. Some of the colours are purple, blue, red, orange, yellow and green. 

  • Size of Succulent

It is also crucial to pick the correct size of succulent. A succulent size chart should always be consulted before planting it or making an arrangement. 

  1. Pick a suitable pot or container

You should choose a shallow container or pot that is big enough to accommodate the size and quantity of plants that you have picked. Some of the good options include pottery, mason jars and terracotta. To prevent drowning your plants, use well-draining cactus soil and a container with a drainage hole.

  1. Arranging your succulents

You will have to start off with covering the soil in the pot after placing the succulents. Create a mound in the centre that is several inches high and slopes down to the rim.Try and blend a variety of colours in your arrangement to make it look gorgeous. 

Be sure to bury each plant in the ground. Larger plants should be kept in the middle of the arrangement while low-growing succulents can be placed towards the outside.

  1. Pick a spot

After creating the succulent arrangement, you should also pick a spot at your home (or any preferred setting) to keep your succulent arrangement. Enhance the look of your living room by placing your succulent arrangement at places like balcony, coffee tables, cabinets, dining tables, tables, end and side tables

You can also place them at a desk or table if you want to keep the arrangements in your office. Make your place into a floral paradise with succulent arrangements!

  1. Care 

Your responsibility does not end just after arranging the succulent, to maintain the beauty you have to take care of the plant. Water your succulent arrangement regularly. The succulents also need sunshine to stay healthy and alive (but make sure it is not exposed too much to the sunlight).

To prevent infections, you have to give succulents sufficient air circulation and fertilize occasionally. Trim or remove unwanted plants as your arrangement grows.


Floral arrangements such as succulents will certainly add glow to your home or any other place. You can check out Ashley to buy some of the furniture to keep your beautiful succulent arrangements!