Tips To Hang Chandeliers & Pendant Lights In Your Home

Lighting completes a room since it sets the ambiance and mood of the perfect space. However, just because it's a one-piece object doesn't mean you may put it anywhere in your room. It also has its own set of tips and tricks.

Hanging chandeliers and pendant lightings too low can limit the area in your home, while hanging them too high may not provide enough light. So, here are a few tips to hang chandeliers and pendant lights in your home!

  • Tips to Hang Chandeliers

  • The length of your chandelier can make a great difference in how much light it adds to your house, depending on whether you want to hang it over a kitchen island or a dining table. There are several aspects to consider when placing lights above a kitchen island. As a rule of thumb, you should have at least 30" to 36" of space between the surface and the bottom of your fixtures. 

    We'd recommend hiring an electrician if you're not used to working with electricity. As we all know, working with electricity requires extra precautions. But if you want to do it yourself, here are some tips to hang chandeliers.

    Firstly, make sure to turn off the electricity. Then, ensure that your ceiling box is rated to carry the weight of the chandelier fixture. Since most chandeliers have separate sections for assembly, make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for assembling its numerous parts.

    Next, maintain the chandelier's look by wiping away any fingerprints on the glass and metal. Now, the most important step is to establish the chain length needed to hang a chandelier.

    It's easier to use a tape measure to ensure the length from the ceiling to the surface is balanced. After you've determined the desired length, examine the manufacturer's instruction manual for installation instructions regarding your individual chandelier. Connect all of the wires, and then install the bulbs you've chosen to define the overall mood of your chandelier. 

  • Tips to Hang Pendant Lights
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    The way to hang a pendant light is pretty similar to a chandelier. Firstly, consider if you want a pendant light to be the main lighting, accent lighting, or ambient lighting when selecting one. Then, evaluate the level of intensity and the overall dimension of the shade to make sure that you get the appropriate quantity of light for the desired purpose.

    The optimal height for your pendant light is determined by the dimensions of the space where it will be installed and the purpose for which it will be utilised. Most pendant lights sit between 30” to 36” above the surface, but considering the needs of the room, you may wish to hang them either higher or lower.

    Since the height of a pendant light varies depending on the material, you'd need to utilise wire stripping that can only have excess from within the canopy to fit into the ceiling (if needed).

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