Tips to Maintain Solid Wood Furniture All Year Long

Wish to own wood furniture and looking for ways to maintain them looking fresh? Check out some of these tips!


Solid wood is popular mostly due to its natural feel, strength, and endurance throughout time. Additionally, solid wood is favoured over other materials because it undoubtedly adds coziness and a natural beauty to any space. A well-made solid wood item can last you a lifetime if maintained properly.  


It's not very difficult to maintain solid wood. With regular maintenance, it can cut down on the amount of upkeep needed to keep your furniture looking brand-new all year long. Keep on reading if you want to know some of the tips to maintain solid wood furniture all year long!


  • Regular Dusting

    When it comes to maintaining solid wood furniture, it is critical to remove loose dust. When you don't dust on a regular basis, the particles accumulate and might cause scratches on the surface. It is highly advised that you dust your wooden furniture on a regular basis to prevent scratches. 


    If the dust has accumulated, try wiping it clean with warm water and mild soap. However, once washed with water, it must be thoroughly wiped down with a dry towel to avoid leftover moisture.


  • Wax And Oil on a Regular Basis

    Although solid wood furniture ages elegantly, it may start to lose its sheen with time. Your solid wood furniture will not only preserve its appeal but also avoid damage if you regularly wax and oil it. Consider it routine maintenance for your furniture. However, it's crucial that you do it right if you intend to do it yourself!


  • Make Use of Coasters

    Use the coasters if you enjoy sipping a hot beverage like coffee or tea first thing in the morning. Similarly, coasters should always be used when setting drinks and plates on the table. At first glance, it can appear harmless, but if you frequently set the cup down on a solid-wood table without using coasters, it might leave stains on the wood furnishings.


  • Protect From Sunlight

    Overexposure to light can significantly fade wood furniture polish and make your furniture appear uneven. Light is a source of energy that interacts with every surface it comes into touch with, which causes damage to the surfaces of wooden furniture. It could be difficult to restore your furniture to its former condition and the harm might be permanent. So, be sure that the sunlight is not shining directly on your wooden furniture.


  • Allow the Wood to Emit a Fresh Scent

    If your furniture still smells new months after you bought it, that's a positive indicator. Ashley Furniture provides high-quality, dependable wooden furniture The store sells long-lasting wooden products that come with the necessary warranty coverage. 


    To keep the fresh smell, rub lemon oil into all the corners and edges of the furniture.


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    Solid wood furniture is pricey. So, once you decide on purchasing solid wooden furniture and fittings, make sure that these wooden goods will last a long time. You can check out Ashley for some of the most stunning solid wood furniture!