Top 6 Summer Decor Trends in 2022

What flashes to your mind first when we say summer? Is it the juicy tropical fruits, the jewel-blue sea or even the breezy garden in your backyard? As the season changes, we transform too and do the trends! 

Longer, hotter days scream for a cooler, gusty interior which gives you the feel of sipping a glass of watermelon juice with your summer, calming face masks. Therefore, here are some of the summer decor trends to rejuvenate and enjoy the summer!

1. Blue and green shades

The blue and green hues are among the summer trends that enthral everyone. These colours splash the ambience as if you are taking a dip in an icy swimming pool on a hot summer day, surrounded by breezy trees. You can choose one of the colours that speak the most to you. For instance, if blue is your pick, you can go for a baby blue couch paired with a cream or peach console table. 

2. Lots of nature

Summer is not complete without the hosts of daisies or lush green trees. Nature is therapeutic, and incorporating plants into your living space will bring harmony with its vibrant colours. If you have green fingers, sprucing up your living space should not be a hassle. But if you are not, opt for the realistic artificial plants depending on your preference as below;

  • For a sweet scent - Lavender, Begonia, Orchid, Lily
  • For a statement piece - Nana Juniper
  • For low light - ZZ Plant, Bamboo, Peace Lily

3. Self-care corner

Since the pandemic, people have started spending more time indoors where they no longer have to go to hotels to pamper themselves. Whether you enjoy reading a book, soaking yourself in the tub while having a glass of wine or planting some blossoms in your backyard, make space for them! Create a reading corner with an accent chair, a chic coffee table and a floor lamp. Invest in an acrylic bathtub or go for plant hunts to indulge in the beauty of summer!

4. Boho chic

Known as a free-spirited style, the boho style has no rules, so it's time to wear your creative hat. It is common to find warm, earthy tones in this style and feel free to mishmash the furniture and colours to attain a summer-inspired interior. For the base, go for rust orange, green, deep brown and grey and pair them up with colours like electric blue, teal and purple. You can install a hanging chair, carved wooden decorations or butterfly chairs because the boho design depicts utmost comfort. Besides, throw a jute rug and overstuffed floor pillows to complete the look. 

5. Barkitecture 

Barkitecture? What is that? It is about constructing a posh space for your fur babies when you style your home so they can fit in. This new, pet-friendly design is a way to shower your love on them. From getting adorable dog beds, toys to bowls, coordinate the colour and pattern according to your interior. You can be creative and fun by adding built-in showers to wash off the mud after a walk and dog rooms under the staircase. 

6. Fresh paint

It is time for you to unleash your inner artistic skills. Grab a bucket of paint, change into comfy clothes and start painting. Besides blue and green which are the crowd's favourites for summer,  the juicy colour palette consisting of sunset and sunrise hues is a win too! 

Besides being cheerful colours, they also uplift the ambience. However, if you are not feeling it (to paint), you can loiter around for some murals or even craft them yourself. Most importantly, if your budget is tight, go thrift shopping because why not?

Create one of these looks for your home with us! 

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