6 Tips On Choosing A Rug For Your Home

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You never realise how big of an impact a rug can have on a space. It's a simple approach to give your room a cohesive look and personality by tying everything together. As a result, deciding which rug works best for you requires numerous essential considerations, so join us on this adventure in search of your perfect rug!

  • Colour

  • The most important thing is to choose a colour that compliments your furniture and surroundings. It is entirely up to you whether you choose a piece that is bold or modest, plain or patterned. Just ensure that you pick a shade that you like and wouldn't mind seeing on a daily basis, because a rug isn't something you'll use in a week. They'll be there for a while, so choosing wisely and planning are essential!

  • Size

  • The right size of rug is crucial to completing the style of the space you have. Although it's better for rugs to be too big than too little, you don't want them to be either too small or too big for a room. One piece of advice is to make sure there is enough floor showing between the wall and the rug; if there is, it will make the perfect rug. Choose a size based on what area you want to draw attention to!

  • Materials

  • Choose natural fibres like wool, cotton, silk, and more if you want something soft and fluffy, making your home look warm and inviting. Although they cost more and require more upkeep, they are incredibly durable. The material of jute rugs is perfect for you if you prefer a minimal, nature-ish look! And if you have children or dogs, we definitely recommend polypropylene rugs.

  • Style

  • Choose a rug that will stand out or one that is going to blend in. A subdued pattern that combines tones from the overall scheme of the area will produce a unified look. Contemporary rugs with stunning designs, patterns, or textures will highlight the accent colours in your home for a more dramatic appearance.

    Your preferred aesthetic can also play a role, but keep in mind that you are never forced to commit to a specific aesthetic over another. Finding what makes you special usually involves mixing and matching so use your creativity skills at your best!

  • Maintenance

  • In all honesty, this one might be the most crucial. If you don't keep your beautiful rugs in good condition, what good are they? Consider carefully how much work you are willing to put into keeping a rug, then choose the one that is best for you. The majority of rugs require routine vacuuming, while others require professional cleaning. 

  • Rug Pads

  • Finally, rug pads are necessary if you want to protect your rug and floor! With rug pads, you won't have to worry about tripping or falling over rugs. A rug pad that is somewhat smaller than the size of the rug would be the perfect fit!

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