Benefits of Headboard & How To Install Them!

Curious to know more about headboards and how to install them to fit properly in your bedroom? Read our article to find out!

Headboard refers to the background for pillows at the bed which usually rests at the head of the bed. Headboard in a bed is important to stabilise the bed and it will give you a better night sleep by being a barrier that avoids your head from facing the cold wall at night.


Benefits of Headboards

Avoid Wall Damage

Many of us toss and turn in bed which may cause the bed to rub against the wall and peel the paint on your bedroom wall. A headboard acts as a barrier between your bed and the wall avoiding any harm from touch.

Provide additional head and back support

Sleeping form is very important for a healthy body and spine, the headboard is also important for people who usually work from their bed. It will be an excellent support for your back as you get to lean back to do your work or talk to your partner in bed. 

Speaking of headboards, do you know how to install a headboard for your bed? It is a common issue that most of us have when we buy a bed for our home. But you don’t have to worry as we present to you the steps to install a headboard to your bed!

Steps to Install a Headboard for your Bed

  1. Check that your headboard is suitable with your bed frame and the components to attach the headboard usually come together with the headboard.  You may replace a headboard if it has identical dimensions and mounting components as your current one.

  1. Locate the holes on the back of your bed and match them up with the mounting holes in the headboard's legs and align your headboard with the bed frame.

  1. After you've positioned the holes, get help from someone to hold it straight while you drive the bolts through the mounting holes.

  1. Then, put a washer onto the bolt and screw a nut onto it until it's tight enough. 

  1. Repeat the technique with the opposite leg.

  1. Tighten the bolts that hold the headboard to the frame with a tool or pliers after checking the headboard is centred.


Headboard is like a missing part of a jigsaw puzzle for the bed in your bedroom as it will enhance the quality of your sleep working in a combination with a feather-like mattress. Check out a variety of bed and bedroom sets that come with headboard at Ashley for a good night sleep!