Indoor Plants Malaysia: The Benefits & How To Place Them In Your Home

Benefits of Indoor Plants

1. Create a better environment 

Indoor plants are known to clear the air and eliminate any toxic particles or pollutants. It helps us to breathe better and maintain good health as well as have sufficient oxygen.

2. Relief stress and reduce anxiety 

Our day-to-day life is packed with endless to-do lists. We can’t avoid stress entirely, but we can reduce it, and indoor plants are known to do so. They also help us to sleep better at night so that we get better quality sleep. 

3. Helps boost productivity 

Having indoor plants around your desk and environment could help your brain to function better. Most people have said that when they are surrounded by plants, they tend to have a much longer attention span. 

Below are some of the best indoor plants Malaysia to create a calming sanctuary in your home: 

Best Indoor Plants Malaysia

1. Add spider plants around your work space 

Spider plants are one of the best indoor plants Malaysia to boost productivity. This is because spider plants are known to eliminate bad compounds and particles found in the air. When you are working in a polluted atmosphere, it could cause headaches, nausea and so on. 

Hence, that is why spider plants make a great choice to promote a healthy, productive environment. When our body is healthy, it makes us feel more energised. 

2. Hang some eucalyptus leaves in your bathroom 

Eucalyptus leaves offer an aroma therapeutic experience, similar to a spa. When you hang eucalyptus leaves in your bathroom, it could help you to de-stress and relax while you take a nice bath or shower. It also helps to create a refreshing feeling which starts and ends your day just right. 

The scent that comes from the eucalyptus leaves is somewhat woody, making it a soothing spa experience right at the comfort of your home. Be sure to choose the particular species which are the most similar to essential oils. For those who don’t know, the eucalyptus globulus is one of the species which has the most benefits to essential oils. 

You can try to tie the eucalyptus leaves like a bouquet and hang it around the shower head. If that’s too inconvenient for you, then you should place them in a vase. 

3. Place jasmine plants in your bedroom 

Jasmine is known to have a sweet scent that is also commonly used in essential oils and candles. It works the best in the bedroom because it helps to reduce anxiety levels and improve the overall quality of sleep. 

4. Keep aloe vera plants in the kitchen 

Accidents can happen in the kitchen. For instance, your skin could get burnt or you might accidentally cut your finger with a knife. Either way, aloe vera is known to soothe burns and cuts on your skin due to the cooling effect. Thus, it’s one of the recommended indoor plants Malaysia to be placed in kitchens. 

5. Pandan is great for living and dining rooms areas 

Aside from being known to add flavour to several dishes, Pandan also contains insecticidal properties which helps to freshen up the air. Other common health benefits of pandan plants include lowering blood pressure and controlling blood sugar levels.

Pair your indoor plants with matching furniture! 

If you feel like your home could be better, why not consider getting furniture that suits your indoor plants? Whether it’s for your bedroom, dining room, or living room, you’ll find something that could enhance your atmosphere.