Leather Cleaning: Top Tips & Tricks For Leather Furniture

Choosing the type of material for your furniture can be difficult because you will need to consider various aspects such as how easy it is to clean, the overall durability and so on. Leather furniture is one of the popular materials due to its aesthetics and comfort. But leather furniture does come with a cost - taking good care of it is not that easy as it is different from other types of materials. 

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Below, we guide you on how to effectively clean your leather furniture and provide some tips to make them last longer: 

Basic Leather Cleaning Tips & Tricks 

Whether it is leather sofa cleaning or any other type of leather furniture, the tips below would be just as effective. 

1. Use mild detergents

Try to avoid all-purpose wipes, varnish, cleaning solvents or ammonia water. Using solutions which contain harsh ingredients or chemicals will ruin the surface of your leather furniture. Instead, consider using a soft cleaner which is known to specifically clean leather. 

Leather cleaning requires you to just use a piece of cloth with plain, distilled water or a mild liquid soap (non-detergent). 

2. Remove particles with a vacuum cleaner 

To remove any dust particles or other particles found on your leather furniture, use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to avoid scratching it. It is much easier to perform leather cleaning with a vacuum cleaner as you can reach the areas between armrests as well as the backrests.

Why vacuum cleaners are great to remove dust is because sometimes, dust will cause scratches when in contact with moisture. 

3. Maintain a regular cleaning schedule 

Leather furniture requires consistent leather cleaning every week. The rule of thumb is to try cleaning it at least once a week. You can just wipe your leather furniture with a microfiber cloth that’s dry. 

4. Use talcum powder or baking powder for grease or oil

If you are trying to clean grease or oil on your leather furniture, you should use talcum powder or baking powder as it will absorb it immediately. 

General Leather Care Tips

1. Prevent sharp objects from coming into contact

It doesn’t matter how big or small the object is, but when it touches the surface of your leather furniture, it will create scratches. This includes the animal's claws as well. So if you have pets around, be sure not to let them climb on your leather furniture. 

2. Avoid sunlight exposure 

Leather furniture tends to form cracks or become discoloured when exposed to sun for long periods of time. This is because the intense heat can evaporate the leather furniture’s natural oils, making it dry and stiff.

3. Condition your leather furniture regularly 

The natural oils that most leather furniture produce has to be replenished every now and then in order to maintain its’ softness. Hence, all leather furniture needs to undergo leather conditioning. 

There are plenty of leather conditioners which are made specially to ensure your furniture looks lively. Most leather conditioners also add a protective layer to prevent stains or accidental spills. 

Enjoy Your Leather Furniture 

Now that you know more about leather cleaning, leather conditioning and have a good overview of how to take care of leather furniture, you can start owning new ones! Check out our online store for various leather furniture and start curating your ideal space today!